Lose the Cocoon


Who would I be
without the story of me?
Would I cease to exist
if I no longer had the same list
of words to describe me?
If the rug were pulled out
and I were to come crashing down
what would my world look like then?
The fear of losing what is dear
is the worst kind of hell
So I’ll step out of my shell,
I’ll lose the cocoon
and not a moment too soon.

Stop Pushing–You Already Are


Does it feel good
to push your back
against everything that haunts you?

Just for once,
stop pushing.

Feel something.
Stand and face what was pursuing you.

You’ll see your own face in the mirror
held up by your hope for transformation.
Take a deep breath.
You’ll see that you already are
that which you are seeking.

Heaven and Hell


If you search for Heaven
you will never find it
and if you try to run from Hell
it will always keep up with you.
Do not search,
and do not run,
because everything you seek
and everything you fear
is always right where you are.
Our purpose isn’t to grab as much good
and avoid as much bad as we can.
Our purpose is to know ourselves so well
that no glory
and no tragedy
can sway us from our steady breath
and the peace that waits for us
in the center of being.

The Greatest Gift of All


What  would it look like
if you committed to being gentle with yourself?
What would this moment be like
without the need to fix ourselves, to be better?
Setting down the burden of impossible expectations,
taking baby steps along the path of awakening–
pure freedom,
relaxing into being,
radiating peace,
the greatest gift of all.

When You Lighten Up


Ah, don’t be so serious
lighten up and see more
what is around you, every moment

When you lighten up
you can stop being a prisoner
of the inner world
that colors the outer world
with its doomsday predictions–

When you lighten up,
you can be a skillful navigator
of the inner world
and experience the deep
interconnectedness of all things.

Connection, relaxation, peace,
humor, joy–
they all come
when you lighten up.

The Eight Worldly Dharmas


Pleasure and pain
Gain and loss
Praise and blame
Fame and disgrace
These are the eight worldly dharmas
and becoming caught up in them
brings us suffering.
We are not told to stop experiencing them,
for how can we?
We live in this world,
and the more we try to escape them
the more closely the eight dharmas follow us.
So don’t reject them,
don’t ignore them.
Instead, know them, study them
and see who you are in their presence.
Get to know yourself
in times of pleasure and pain,
in times of gain and loss,
in times of praise and blame,
in times of fame and disgrace–
and see the unified self
that remains untarnished
as it walks along the messy path of duality.

Thank you Pema Chodron for your teachings.  The inspiration for this post came from the book Comfortable With Uncertainty.