Dreaming Awake, Just Before Bed


My fatigue
wraps its hands around me
and pulls me to the land of sleep.
I teeter on the edge
wanting a little more of me
before I succumb
to the storylines of strange dreams.
There was a time
when I was so well-versed
in my own dream patterns
that I had some choice in the matter,
but not now.
Now I am at the mercy
of my subconscious mind
as it winds its way
through the experiences of my day
and chooses what to stretch
and fabricate,
which fears to tease out
and which absurdities
to weave through the fabric
of this self that sleeps and dreams
both day and night.
There is a kind of sleep
that unfolds with eyes open–
And some dreams bypass sleep completely
as we walk around “awake” yet in a trance.

Who Would You Be?


Who would you be
without the story
There is something wrong 

this moment
your body
your partner
your family
your boss
your colleagues
this world?

You would be yourself,
in this moment,
free to experience life
as it is right now.

What would you do
with all that freedom?
If you want what is,
you live in an endless
state of grace.

Ask yourself,
Do I want to be right
or do I want to be free?

If you see nothing as broken
then there is nothing
that needs to be fixed.

Who would you be
if you loved life
as it is right now?

Heart Work


It’s not enough to be a peaceful person,
not in today’s world
where the environment is a risk,
individuals are at war with themselves
giving rise to
countries at war with one another,
where there is so much stress
and isolation
for so many,
where the basic needs
of so many are never met,
where a small group of elite
makes the decisions for the masses…
No, being a peaceful person is not enough…
We must all strive to take action,
to let our quest for peace be realized
not only within our inner landscape
but also made manifest in the outer world.
Love is action.
It is generosity.
It is taking steps to alleviate the suffering
of the world.
Love is awake and aware.
It shares itself unconditionally
and exists that it might know itself.
If you search for peace,
broaden your idea of what it is.
You are not the only one
who will reap the benefits
of your good heart’s work.

Wouldn’t Change a Thing


I have nothing to let go of
except for my story,
nothing to fear
except for the beliefs
I have projected upon this world.
In the absence of thoughts
about how this moment should be
There is room in my mind
to love things the way they are,
to act from this love,
to BE this love,
to be who I already am.
In this place of sweet grace,
there is no problem,
only the experience of this moment
and the stories I tell about it.
Realizing that I am the story maker,
and seeing how the tone of my thoughts
determines the quality of my experience,
I see how perfectly simple it all is
to slow down, watch, listen,
take in the beauty that surrounds me.
In awe of the tiniest things,
boundless appreciation blossoms in my heart.
I see and smell and taste this joy.
My joy is reflected in the world around me,
on the smiles of the faces of passersby,
my faces.
I love this world.
I love my story.
I love my projection.
If I were given the choice
to remake this moment
I would decline the offer.
I wouldn’t change a thing.

Let This Life Flow


Loving reality
means that you don’t argue with what is.
Why would you fight the rising sun,
the rushing wind, the infinite ocean?
Fighting such forces is hopeless, insane.
As a lover of truth,
you wake up to your stressful thoughts
and you question them
until you can see clearly again.
If you truly love someone,
you won’t ask them to stay with you.
You will want for them
what they want for themselves–
and don’t we all just want to be happy?
If they want to be with you, good,
and if not, that’s fine too.
Let this life flow through your awareness
like water flowing through channels of rock,
moving around obstacles in its path.

I Won’t Wait


I won’t wait for happiness,
I will have it now…
as I listen to the wind
rustling the maple tree leaves
turning from green to red,
as I pick up the toys
strewn everywhere
in this messy house
and ready my children for bed,
as I contemplate this life breath
moving in and out
nourishing me without a thought,
as I contemplate the many things I have
that could never be bought.
Only a fool believes
that happiness is somewhere out there.
Touch your heart, feel its steady rhythm,
a sacred drum keeping perfect pace
as you sing the song of your life.
If joy isn’t now here,
then it is nowhere.

The Gift of the Broom


And then it occurred to me
that it’s true, the old saying
about happiness being
a simple matter of
one’s attitude…
Take, for example,
earlier today when I was sweeping the floor.
I found myself in a negativity spiral,
tired, hormonal, not really wanting
to clean up a mess that other people made.
And then it hit me…
My eyes can see the crumbs,
the dried grains of rice,
the cat hair,
the tiny styrofoam balls
that scurry every which way.
My hands can hold the broom,
they know how to move it
to bring all these particles together.
Someone taught me how to do this

long ago, and my mind remembers.
I have a floor to sweep,
in a comfortable house that is mine,
a house that I share with a husband
and two beautiful children.
And suddenly,
I enjoyed the feel of the broom handle,
its smoothness and coolness,
the swish swish
as it moved across the floor.
I enjoyed watching the floor
miraculously become cleaner, brighter,
magic by my own hands.
Yes, attitude really is everything.
Now for the toilets!