Remember Your Wonder Child


But then sometimes
we get so caught up
in the rational, logical, mathematical
world of adults
that life loses its magic.

We get tunnel vision
as we strive for the success
that the outer world pressures us to achieve.

Inside something is languishing.
That something is the child,
innocent, pure, vibrant, creative,
bounding with life,
a zest for new experiences.

The child,
who gets grumpy when she is tired,
or acts out when he is told
he needs to behave a certain way
so that the adults around him
won’t feel so anxious.

That child knows what she needs,
and knows how to make those needs known.
That child can take an ordinary moment
and transform it into something wonderful,
something fresh, surprising, alive.

When life loses its magic, its a sign
that we have lost the child.
At times like those,
it would serve us
to allow the child to come out and play.

Maybe, first,
that child needs to know it is safe.
So the adult in you
holds the child for a moment,
rocking it, speaking in soothing tones,

It’s okay, I am here for you.
Your needs are okay with me.
I am so glad you are here,
and I will do everything I can to help you.
You are allowed to explore,
to make mistakes, to fall…
I am here to help you up again,
to encourage you to try again.
I am here to help you understand
your own unique way of learning,
and to support you as you take
steps toward realizing your greatness.

Don’t disregard the child.
Give it space to be who it is,
Love it unconditionally,
and when the fear and anxiety melt away,
when the grieving of the unmet needs has passed,

Then the child can shine in all of its magnificence.
This is a beautiful part of your mind indeed.
This is the closest you will ever come to knowing God.


I felt a little uneasy after publishing last night’s post, afraid that it might appear that I was brushing aside that which is childlike in us and extolling the virtues of a seasoned adult’s wisdom.  The child mind I was writing about last night is the one who is anxious, afraid, who doesn’t want to try because it is hurting for some reason or another.  Because I didn’t get that nuance across to my satisfaction, I felt a need to respond to my post in defense of that which is wonderful about the inner child.  Words can be so clumsy, and wielding them well enough to bring others close to understanding our inner workings takes great skill.  Although I still feel clumsy about my own word wielding, I hope that a part of you will understand a part of me and perhaps resonate with what is written here.  The wonder child is, after all, a universal archetype–one that we all can relate to–so maybe all of our inner children will come out to play at this invitation, our sparks of creativity will flame together, and we’ll raise the vibration of the whole universe with our enthusiasm.  Blessed be.

Simply Being You


When you commit to a practice
your mind might balk at first.
This is because it is used to having its own way.

It tells you what to think,
what to feel,
what to remember,
what to like and dislike,
what to regret,
what to desire.

Would you let a child do the same?
When you believe what your mind tells you,
it is as if you’re saying to a child,
“Okay, I’ll accept your version of reality,
as fantastical as it may be…whatever you say.”

Wouldn’t that be ludicrous?
You, with your years of experience
and all of your wisdom,
allowing a child to tell you what to think!
But this is essentially what happens when
you give your mind the power to decide
what this reality holds for you.

Commit to a practice.
Learn how to sit.
Be with the mind,
and notice how even the loudest chatter
cannot sway you from your stable seat.

Breathe deeply,
and realize that you need do nothing more than this
to be truly happy.

When you become established in a practice,
it becomes the most natural thing in the world to do,
and the whole world thanks you for it too,
because you have finally come back home
to simply

No Words, Just Being


When you try to define who you are,
the words come pouring out,
more and more,
some happy and sad,
some positive and negative,
some complimentary,
some not so much.

Why do we need definitions?
This act of assigning words to experiences,
to people, personalities, LIFE…
only serves to cloud our vision,
and blocks our ability
to be with whatever is unfolding in this moment.

Be brave!
If someone asks who you are,
just smile.
If someone asks what do you do,
just breathe.
They might think you’re crazy,
but what of it?
You’re dancing in the space of being,
wild, unhindered, free.

No definitions now,
no words,
just being.

Spring Cleaning


Breathing in
I receive all of this new
fresh spring energy
into my body

Breathing out,
I let go of what is no longer needed
from my body

Spring cleaning–
we clear the house
of musty old things that no longer serve
and the energy is vibrant and fresh
when we are done

So it is with the mind and the body
We can spring clean the mind,
letting go of old, self-limiting beliefs
and we can spring clean the body,
feeding it wholesome food,
allowing it to free itself of impurities.

Go on now.
Summon your courage.
The time is right for letting go.
The time is right for welcoming something new!

Free, Centered, and Open


The balance.
Night and day.
Cold and warmth.
Female and male.
Stillness and movement.
Sadness and joy.
Incoming and outgoing.
Receiving and giving.

And as I stand in spring’s new winds and greet the coming of the light,
a friend down under turns to face the dying of the light,
as summer gives in to autumn.

I think about how we all contribute to the balance.
How my joy might bring another’s sorrow to rest in center
And how my darkness makes space for another’s light.

My work becomes a question that I ask every moment–
where is the balance point?
And how gracefully can I dance there,
free, centered, open…

Our Forgotten Friend



For any of you who want to gain some insight into what meditation can be like, for those of you who are meditating and experiencing difficulties, read this. It offers a helpful and simple technique for cultivating awareness, and one that could contribute greatly to your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Originally posted on Meditation Makes Sense:

colour5“It is slavery to live in the mind unless it has become part of the body.”

-Kahlil Gibran

When I was in one of the temples doing Vipassana training in Thailand, there was a silent monk in the kute (hut) next to mine and I used to watch him. I always found that watching skilled meditators was very informative – one could learn things just watching the way they acted. So I used to watch this monk and emulate his routine and the way he deported himself.

He was a compact and very handsome Thai man of about thirty who had been silent for five years. He rarely slept, spending most nights pacing the veranda of his kute in walking meditation, or sitting, framed by the dim light of a low watt lamp, in the middle of his kute.

And because out kute’s were close together over the months I…

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Spring Awakening


Let us follow the journey of a seed

going from the depth of winter, hibernation,
and beginning to feel the call to awakening.
The wisdom of a humble seed,
with the perfect amount of concentrated energy to sustain
its life force until the time is right for expansion,
the patience and trust needed, waiting for the emergence,
the proper time and conditions for potential to awaken–
absorbing moisture from the earth,
the seed swells, grows larger,
energies are activated from within,
the shell cracks, and the tiny sprout
The small, subtle beginnings of growth,
tiny roots drawing in nutrients, patiently, patiently
gathering the ability to rise up and move through its dark surroundings
Earth, groundedness, intention
stability, fertility, potential, nourishment, support, connectedness
touched by the warming sun,
coaxing those who were hiding to emerge
Awakening seeds, identifying desires,
giving energy to them, exploring them
 the roots continue to grow down,
the shoot begins to grow upwards
breaking through the old limitations
maybe the soil is thick and dense
and it takes persistence to reach the light,
but keep going, it is there
patience is needed
trust in the process
the sprout is growing,
hold the intentions
recognizing the importance of
foundation, stability
Always growing toward the light
and keeping roots strongly planted in the earth
to sustain the changes in weather
with patience, containment,
in perfect timing
and then the joy of finding the warmth, the expansion,
the urge to grow, to be even more alive
and then the receiving and the celebration of the light
that awakens the potential for upward growth
and remembering that the equinox is about balancing
the dualities
of night and day
cool and hot
female and male,
even as we salute the sun father
we also invoke the moon mother
slowing down, taking time to rest
so that the next day we have energy
for more growth and expansion
soaring to the light
meeting challenges with a clear and balanced mind
and when sensing that energy has been spent,
the natural thing to do is rest, be still, recuperate, gather more energy
reflect on the experience, the meaning that we assign to it
and choose what to keep and what to change the next time around.
root your head in the earth
let the heart’s wisdom flow into the head
as rain pours into the ground
and knowing that sometimes it’s necessary to let go of something old before we can welcome the new,
to spring clean so that we have space
for all of our new seeds to burst forth,
we willingly release patterns of thought and behavior
that we no longer need
in order to make space in our bodyminds
for what is to come.
emerging out of the state of letting go,
the emptiness might feel unfamiliar,
Allowing ourselves to be with those feelings,
to face them,
empowers us to shift and transform.
In that place of clarity, seeing growth opportunities as gifts, exploring edges of familiarity, of safety zones with deliberation
and perhaps learning how to step
a little further beyond the edge
while still respecting where the bodymind is today
Taking moments to integrate experiences
through stillness and rest
And then emerging from the personal experience
to share what you have learned with the world around you,
Each flower contributes to the beauty of the garden.
Share your joy, resonate with this vibration, the seeds of intention grow more swiftly in the warmth and light of your awareness.