Do Not Overlook the Small Things


I beg you
do not overlook the small things
do not take them for granted
rather ask yourself constantly
What would I really miss
if all of this were suddenly gone?
If you do some soul searching
you’ll discover that it’s the little things
that you would miss the most.
The sound of a loved-one’s laughter,
sitting around the dinner table
on a normal night…
Folding laundry
and seeing your child’s clothes,
how big they’ve gotten,
how small they still are.
I could go on,
but my heart might break.
There is no preparation for loss,
as much as you might try
to trick fate.
We all will one day fertilize the earth
from which we emerged.
Therefore, awaken fully,
open your eyes all the way,
and take nothing for granted.
Do not overlook the small things.

When the Bottom Drops Out


When the bottom drops out
you will fall
you might sprout wings
and fly yourself somewhere
then again, you might not
you might go splat
on some hard concrete
then again, you might not
you might land
on the softest of pillows
laughing and bouncing
then again, you might not
someone strong
might reach out and catch you
but maybe not.
the point is,
you don’t know what will happen,
so don’t go trying to plan
the whole thing.
let yourself be comfortable
with not knowing.
This kind of freedom
is a true blessing.

No Turning Back


Giving isn’t pouring something precious
out of a bag that will soon be empty–
it is opening the door of your infinite heart space
and stepping into a wide open vista
where all thoughts, feelings, experiences
where all beings
are welcome.
In this place unfolds true healing,
true connection is sparked
lighting many candles with just one tiny flame.
The act of giving is a sacred act
so much more than a sandwich shared
or a few coins offered
or a cup of tea made
or an errand run…
when the heart door opens
there is initiation, ascension,
transformation, expansion.
The old skin of limitation is shed
and the infinite nature
of the true self emerges.
When the heart door opens
there is no turning back.

The Fine Line


There is a very fine line
between sanity and craziness,
an even finer line between
joy and sadness.
Maybe, actually,
there is no line,
but the two seemingly disparate polarities
in this dichotomy we’ve created
begin to blur together,
the way watercolor paint
forms beautiful swirls
and billowing clouds of color
as the tinted water spreads
across the paper and pools
in vibrant density here and there,
mesmerizing and confusing
as the boundaries disappear
and a dreamy union emerges,
oneness, totality of vision,
overwhelming and painful and sweet.
Swimming in the quick spinning center
whirlpool of our own spreading joy and sadness
painted in our own shades of craziness and sanity
it’s hard to see the whole picture.
But if we take a step back
–or if a loved one steps in
and lifts us up
and opens our eyes–
we might see the gorgeous result
of all of this blending,
this uncertainty
this inability to define
this nonexistence of the fine line…

Create Something


Create something.
Do it now.
Draw a picture,
sing a song,
do a little dance,
tell a story.
Plant a flower,
sew something,
paint something,
knit something,
carve something,
cook something.
This life isn’t just about toil and strain–
it is also about connection
and play
and joy
and simple moments of clarity
and authenticity.
There is an essence in you
that is unique to you,
and we want to see it.
Create something.
Do it now.

I Fixed It


This is how I know
that I have progressed
on this path of

I made a mistake.
And instead of
feeling ashamed,
(I could keep going
but you get the picture)
this is what happened:

I took a deep breath,
and I fixed it.