Perfectionism Strikes Again


Chanting the first
fourteen yoga sutras
every day
practicing, enjoying learning.

I decided to record myself chanting
so that my fellow teachers who are in my training
can practice and enjoy.

And then my recordings weren’t perfect–
far from it.

I would make one mistake and then delete the whole thing.
I did this for about two hours
and realizing I was exhausted,
I gave up.

But there is hope.
Tomorrow is another day.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll record a better version,
or I might have enough compassion for myself
to allow my recording to be imperfect.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll love myself a little more,
maybe I’ll allow myself to be human.


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  1. I completely understand where you’re coming from – I’d want that sort of recording to be perfect too. Sometimes goodenough is goodenough, sometimes it’s not. Well done for recognising you were too tired and giving yourself a break. You’ll probably hit it first time today!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Today isn’t the day, alas! I wasn’t able to get to my writing until late, and now I have no energy. Hopefully tomorrow the stars with align and I can make the recording fluidly.

    • One of my goals is to love myself a little bit more each day. Thinking this way helps me to glide a little more easily through the moments of disappointment or disgust for the choices I’ve made. My perspective shifts. I’m ready to just be with myself and with this life.

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