Merry Christmas!


Ah, this is so beautiful! Thank you Maxine for sharing your friend’s wise words with us.

Maxine Spence's Blog

I was planning to send you all a simple Christmas message, but the following words begged to be included.

They were written by Candy Scott, the beautiful friend I spoke of in my last post,  (the one who whispered compassionate words of love and support when I was keenly missing my son).

That heartfelt encounter has sent loving ripples out into the world. I went home feeling held and loved in my validated grief. She continued with her day, reverberating with a realization her own words — the ones she thought she was speaking for me — had brought her. My hesitant finger pressed the ‘publish’ button on the entry I wasn’t sure I should post. She crafted a beautiful message that she sent out to her facebook tribe. In both cases, our words struck a poignant chord with others. We shared a phone conversation about connections and ripples…

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    • Yes, every day mostly. A few times I posted past midnight because of the crazy things that sometimes happen when one is a human…so technically I posted twice on a few days–very early in the morning and then at night. I decided to cut myself a break and let the post count for the day before if I posted past midnight. I am a human after all. 😊💖🙏

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