Trusting in the Unfolding


This wonderful poem so aptly touches on the indescribably expansive awareness that comes with complete self-love and self-trusting. I can’t think of a more wonderful intention to set as we move into the new year–cultivating the willingness to trust in the unfolding of this perfect self that you already are.

Laurie's Gentle Healing Notes

When what is around me becomes so loud and what is inside cries out even louder for relief, I offer my trust in what is here, in this moment, in this life and all of its unfolding – becoming this very stillness that is me, connected and free.

I am in the stillness

of each moment,

within each unfolding

of each flower.

I am in the purity,

gentleness and simplicity

of a daisy.

I am in the intense fire,

soothing comfort

and beauty

of a burning candle.

I am in the tenderness

and subtle healing

in raindrops and teardrops.

I am in the quiet eternity

of stone.

I am in the all-inclusive

peace and reverence

in the faces of angels.

I am in the open hand

of a child,

lightly embracing life

and letting go

at the same time.

I am in the silent prayers

felt in a garden

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