While I Sewed


He packed the spices today
while I sewed.
Then he cleared his music and old pictures
out of the closet upstairs
while I sewed.
Then he sat and watched
the NFC and AFC championships
while I sewed.
Then he said,
Hey, when are you going to pack?
Don’t let it all go until the last minute.
I don’t want you to cause more stress
by leaving it until the last minute.
I nodded
and went back to sewing.


Kind people who read this blog:

Please note, my dear friends, that in two weeks’ time we will be moving into our new home across town.  Our house is full of boxes, and the stress levels (at least my husband’s) are quite high. Please forgive me if I’m not reading and commenting on your posts regularly;  I will be catching as catch can for a little while.  But do know that my lack of correspondence is not the result of apathy–I care very much and look forward to catching up on my reading and commenting as soon as time permits.

Lots of love,



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      • I moved recently from a home we had been in for almost twenty years. A few tears were shed over letting go of certain items and my attachment to the home. Now that I have adjusted to our new space and smaller surroundings I can’t even remember what triggered so many tears 🙂
        I hope all goes smoothly for you.

      • Hi Mary,

        Thanks for sharing that, seriously. I need to hear that yes, we do survive after going through emotionally challenging times, of which making ranks among the highest! I’ll think of you forgetting why you ever got triggered in the first place and might be able to breathe when I feel triggered! Thanks again friend. 💖🙏😊

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