Let Us Share


As I let go of ideas of who I think I should be
I make room in my life
to be exactly who I am

Then discernment is needed.
Just who exactly observes this self,
and who chooses how to answer
this question–

Who am I ?

As I set out to describe who I am,
I discover that words are flimsy substitutes
for the feelings behind the actual experience
of simply being.

But still I try to choose my words carefully,
flimsy as they may be,
because if I can get even the tiniest bit close
to describing these feelings with words,

I might find connection
with another soul on the path
another soul searching for the words
to describe the indescribable,
searching for the answer to the question
Who am I?

And then, as the connection is made,
we might experience grace together,
just the tiniest bit.
This tiny bit of grace helps us to see
that when we’re here in this moment,
we don’t need understanding,
we don’t need words,
and we don’t need the
labels “I” and “You.”
Without those distinctions,
we see the interconnectedness of all things,
the ultimate grace–
the vast space of limitless being.

Let us find this grace together.
Let us share this homecoming.


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