Simply Being You


When you commit to a practice
your mind might balk at first.
This is because it is used to having its own way.

It tells you what to think,
what to feel,
what to remember,
what to like and dislike,
what to regret,
what to desire.

Would you let a child do the same?
When you believe what your mind tells you,
it is as if you’re saying to a child,
“Okay, I’ll accept your version of reality,
as fantastical as it may be…whatever you say.”

Wouldn’t that be ludicrous?
You, with your years of experience
and all of your wisdom,
allowing a child to tell you what to think!
But this is essentially what happens when
you give your mind the power to decide
what this reality holds for you.

Commit to a practice.
Learn how to sit.
Be with the mind,
and notice how even the loudest chatter
cannot sway you from your stable seat.

Breathe deeply,
and realize that you need do nothing more than this
to be truly happy.

When you become established in a practice,
it becomes the most natural thing in the world to do,
and the whole world thanks you for it too,
because you have finally come back home
to simply


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  1. Beautiful! This really speaks to me as I’ve been having some difficulty adjusting to graduate school. It reminds me that I’m growing up, and my “child mind” needs my reassurance that it really is okay.

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