Napowrimo 2015 day 18: Self Love Now


The prompt for today at references the midnight ride of Paul Revere, today being the 240th anniversary of that famous ride. We’re invited to write a poem that shares some kind of urgent message whether it is historical or metaphorical or whatever–it’s very open ended. Ahem. I’m writing on my phone because my husband is hogging the computer, so don’t expect too much outta me tonight.


It is urgent
that you learn
how to love yourself now.

Search deep within,
notice the resentment,
fear, anger, notice
the shame, pain
guilt and regret,
the jealousy,
the self-denigrating thoughts.

Take a deep breath
and make space for whatever comes.
Learn how to love yourself
in this moment.

When you are kind and gentle
with yourself when
you are compassionate and
you become a beacon of

In a world wracked with
senseless violence
every bit of light counts.

The world has need of your light.
Find it deep within
And know who you are;
Your knowing will bring all beings
closer to peace.

It is urgent
that you learn
how to love yourself now.


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