The Greatest Gift of All


What  would it look like
if you committed to being gentle with yourself?
What would this moment be like
without the need to fix ourselves, to be better?
Setting down the burden of impossible expectations,
taking baby steps along the path of awakening–
pure freedom,
relaxing into being,
radiating peace,
the greatest gift of all.


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  1. Hey Lorien! Lovely. Do you know the work of Mary Oliver? This poem made me think of her “Wild Geese.” Check it out:

    F.Y.I. I finally hunkered down with some Pema Chodron, but I started with some audio of some of her public speeches or workshops. I was mesmerized–and surprised by how real she was, and how funny. She can be really funny. Thanks for the recommendation! Hope you are well.


    • Hi Michael, thank you. Yes, I love Mary Oliver, although I don’t own a collection of her poems, which I probably should be now. Glad you’re able to bring some Pema into your life. I’ve been listening to her Getting Unstuck series and have found it really helpful.

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