Now is Now


We don’t need to live
in a spiritual community
with saffron robes, shaved heads,
collective meditations,
and special bells to remind us
that now is now.
Right here, in this life,
in this moment
right here
there are plenty of mindfulness bells.
It’s the car horn honking its way
through rush hour traffic.
It’s the hum of your refrigerator
after you’ve reached in
and grabbed your cold drink.
It’s the voice of the cashier
in the lane next to yours
whose shift is nearly done
who can’t wait to get home,
just like all of us
who can’t wait to get home.
Just listen.
Mindfulness bells everywhere,
reminding you that
now is now.


2 responses »

  1. Yes! Wherever you are this is the invitation for you to discover the truth of yourself. Whether you are alone at the beach or in the middle of Manhattan or with your children who are screaming. Everything is a call. A dharma bell to keep your attention Here and Now, to wake up and simply BE. Thank you.

    • Thank you for visiting Tathina! And what beautiful words you have offered here–the reminder that wherever you are, there is your dharma bell, your reminder to be present.

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