Fearlessness: The Ultimate Freedom


Holding on to anything
plants seeds of fear
deep in our consciousness
because on a deep level
we know that everything
we now see
will one day be gone.
Look around you.
None of this is permanent.
Nothing is permanent.
So let go of the grasping,
the naive belief
that you can control
this universe and keep
it the way you like.
There is infinite freedom
in letting go.
Sure, you might say,
I want to let go,
but how?
It isn’t a switch that we flick.
We can’t turn on
this power of letting go.
But we can practice
every day
in little ways.
In your mind
visualize the things to which
you are most attached.
Think of the people for whom
you hold the greatest affection.
Acknowledge that one day
we must say goodbye to all of these.
If imagining saying goodbye to a loved one
Strikes terror in your heart,
start small.
Start with your favorite kind
of potato chip,
or your favorite television show.
You don’t actually have to
get rid of them on the concrete level.
Just imagine letting go.
Each letting go
whether real or imagined
contributes to our fearlessness,
the ultimate freedom.


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