Every Ounce Counts


This is how personal evolution takes place:
Not the flick of a switch
not the drop of a hat
not some big, dramatic Aha! moment–
but in all of those little details
of every day life,
where we start to look
with unabashed honesty
at our habits, our behaviors,
our reactions, our thoughts, our words–
and we start to choose our response
instead of being so damn predictable
and always saying and doing the same thing.
And this may take time.
Maybe you notice your neurotic thinking
one time every month.
Maybe you realize that you have choices
every few weeks.
Maybe every once in a while it sinks in
that all of your thoughts, words and actions
ripple out into space
and create the world as you see it.
It doesn’t have to happen overnight,
and it probably won’t…
but this personal evolution
is a great gift to yourself, the world,
the universe–
and every tiny ounce of awareness counts.


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  1. Love this. It’s interesting how the biggest shifts sometimes come at what appear on the physical plane to be utterly undramatic moments but the shift on the internal plane is seismic–and sometimes it’s just an awareness within that leaves u never the same again… happened once when I was watching the finals of the TV show Top Chef- it was that awesome inner aha.

    • Wow, watching Top Chef?? That’s great. Yes, the aha moments can come at any time, sometimes at the most ordinary of times. I love your insight about this–“the shift on the internal plane is seismic…” Thanks again for being here Diahann. 🙂 ❤

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