The Song of Your Awakening


There is  a treasure
as close to you as your own heart
deeper than the ocean
more spacious than the cosmos.
Concealed in layers
of physical existence,
it waits for you to see it shining there,
to realize its changeless, untarnished nature,
glowing pure and bright and clear…
The jewel of your awakened heart,
the jewel of bodhichitta
is the only jewel you could ever need
the only jewel that truly exists.
Why sigh and exclaim
over some big cold rock
on a woman’s finger?
What good does it do this world?
But the warmth of your heart jewel,
this is worth every kingdom
every crown
every coin
every title and position of power.
Seek not the jewels of this physical world.
Dive deeper and find the most precious jewel,
hold it a moment, then share it.
Watch the world sigh and exclaim
prayers of deepest gratitude,
singing the song of your awakening.


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