Postscript: Awaken Now


And no one ever said awakening is easy. This is why we turn to a practice.  A practice gives us a chance to keep trying, every day, to relax a little more, to trust a little more, to be a little more okay with life as it is. Knowing that this practice is lifelong, we take the pressure off to become masters on a turbo speed highway to enlightenment, as if getting there quickly were the answer.  We are there.  We have already arrived. Keep practicing; each little minute spent opens our eyes a tiny bit more, our hearts a tiny bit more.  And this is all we really need in the end–to be awake and loving, to become the greatest gift we could offer this world.


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  1. I like the word practice in this context. I’m reminded that I can continue to practice – it’s not a one-time thing. And, as I continue to practice I’ll get more and more proficient, like anyone practicing piano can do.
    Thanks for the thoughtful postscript.

  2. I particularly like the ‘each little minute’ part of this piece. When a regular practice is a seemingly impossible challenge, I like the reminder that even just a little minute of being truly awake is a great help. Coming out of a dark period, these little moments make me feel almost turbo-charged and with a smile I realise that moving back into the light with more space and time for my practice than ever before, is an exciting place to be. My apparent relapsing/remitting type of practice, which never stops but just slows and speeds, benefits so much from your admirable ongoing progressive and dedicated practice/thoughts/writing. You are remarkable Lorien. x

    • Oh THERESA! So good to hear from you. Have you settled into your new home? Thank you for your kind words, for sharing your own experience and enriching this place with your reflection. I think of you every day and wonder how you are. I would love to hear a little about what’s happening in your life, hint hint! 🙂

      • 🙂 🙂 Thank you Lorien! 🙂 🙂 I actually wrote a piece (not one of my best but it was good to write again!) last week. I’m not sure that my email alerts are going out. I’m doing better. Hopefully all on the up from here! I hope all is well with you. x

      • I didn’t receive an email alert, but now that I know I will pop on over to your side of cyberspace and check it out. Love to you, dear Theresa.

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