Grief and Glory


It is all about balance.
Just like the earth
and the seasons,
we must have all of it
for life to go on.
Yes, glory is great,
but this cannot be our focus.
Let’s be realistic–
sometimes life is wretched.
The glory uplifts us
and the wretchedness
softens and opens us.
We need them both
to stay connected
with all of life.
Just like a leaf
is born in glory
budding out in spring,
shining emerald in summer
and undergoing a marvelous
color dance
transformation in the fall–
we finish with a letting go,
a sinking into the earth
from whence we came.
Embrace your greatness,
but never forget where we are heading.
Be soft in your steps
and tender in your heart
as you dance through
this delicately balanced
life of grief and glory.


4 responses »

    • Oh Vincent, you thank me for my words–and I thank you for YOUR insight and your kindness. It’s such a delight to hear from you, to know that your heart resonates on the same plane as mine. Thank you for being here. ❤

  1. Ah yes, how true. It’s important to remember that it will balance out, even if one is deep in grief or high on glory at one particular phase in life. “This too, shall pass” xx

    • All of it, passing all of the time. None of it permanent. Learning how to look inwards for the peace and the stability, because looking outwards for it can only lead to anxiety as we repeatedly experience the impermanence of life. And the impermanence is beautiful in its own way…<3

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