The Healing Loneliness


There is a loneliness
that doesn’t hurt but heals,
a way of being by oneself
that supports great inner work.
It’s in the quiet
that we can hear the
softly spoken wisdom of our inner teacher,
in the outer stillness
that we can perceive the tiny currents
always moving within us.
Don’t seek to fill up every available minute
with activity and company–
take those blessed little moments
of time by yourself
to remember the vastness of your true nature,
to taste the potential that lives in you
when you close your eyes to the outer world,
and open your heart to what lies within.


2 responses »

    • Elysha, thank you for being there and reading! It’s always a treat to read your comments and insights. You’re one of the ones who’s been there since the beginning of YM. Thank you so much for your presence and encouragement.

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