Asleep or Awake?


What are you clinging to,
holding on for dear life?
The wind is blowing all around you
and it is such a struggle to hold on.
Can you let go into the wind,
and let it take you into its strength,
so that you might be tumbled about
and swirled and whirled and shaken
into awakening?
Which is better–
Being asleep, holding on
or being awake
with nothing to hold on to?
With the one
life is predictable and safe.
With the other
it is wild and full of the potential
to wake up.
It all boils down to a choice.
Do you want to be asleep or
do you want to be awake?
What feels like death to
the old despotic ego
is your birth into the
joy of being, free and clear.
Let me die then,
I choose what waits for me
on the other side.

4 responses »

  1. That’s the two kind of people on this earth. One is sleeping in the matrix, afraid that he’ll lose everything if he wakes up, and one who is fearless, who is enlightened, that nothing is worth holding on more than the truth.

    • I was listening to a spiritual teacher talk yesterday. She related a story about her teacher, who was told as a boy that he would discover that many people prefer to stay asleep. What happens when a teacher encounters that kind of mentality? Sometimes he did outrageous things very deliberately to stir people up, to make their aggression rise up. Sometimes awakening can be very painful. I think this is why many people choose to stay asleep.

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