Observing the Change


It’s not about attaining
some exalted state…
it’s about learning how
to see clearly
in your current state.
Right now,
right where you are,
in this moment
you have all you need to awaken.
When you sit
you learn how quickly
your thoughts
your emotions
and your bodily sensations
all shift and change.
Observing as we sit
that everything
is always changing
we can learn to observe the same
in the outer world.
People change the way thoughts change.
Weather changes the way emotions change.
Always in a state of flux,
never the same,
but the witness in you
finds stillness,
looks out at the world
from the depths of consciousness.
Realization comes.
In such a state of realization
we find true liberation.


Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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