Amazing You


The pressure is off.
You can give up
all self-improvement work
and ditch the resolutions.
You are not broken,
you do not need to be fixed.
There is nothing wrong with you.
When we finally sift through
all of those layers of thoughts
telling us we need to change
something about ourselves
in order to be good
we come home to our
natural state of being,
our inherent goodness.
We realize in meditation
that it is possible
to do things differently.
We don’t have to be caught
in the same old habitual ways
of reacting to our lives.
We realize that there is more space
than we ever knew.
We learn how to sit with discomfort
and we gain staying power.
We take a good look
at our thoughts, our feelings,
and from this deep honesty with ourselves
we are able to be truly honest
and truly connected with others.
Now the question is,
What will you do with all of this space
in your mind
when you let go of the old
self-limiting beliefs?
What will you create?
Who will you inspire?
Don’t wait to step into your power.
Do it now.
Be the amazing you
that only you can be.


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  1. Happy New Year! (Returning from a needed blog break). Love this inspiration to start off the New Year. I’m resolving to stop lamenting the past and waiting for the future… with lots of self-compassion when I can’t stay present.

    • Sounds perfect my friend. I’m challenging myself to find a moment of self-compassion–at least one moment–every day. I suspect I’ll feel a lot different about myself after maintaining a consistent practice for a while! ๐Ÿ™‚ โค

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