Dig In


Why do we run away
from the intense, painful emotions?
At some point we were told
that it’s not okay
to feel angry or sad or anxious,
that we have to put on a happy face
and soldier on.
But emotions cannot be shoved down
and expected to just go away on their own.
Emotions are a great gift
from our bodyminds.
They tell us about ourselves
in relationship to our environment
and the people in it.
If we allow ourselves to just be
with our emotions just a little,
we might learn something important.
We might awaken,
we might open.
The next time you’re experiencing
intense emotion,
don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.
Dig in.
Sift through this fertile soil.
Plant some seeds of lovingkindness,
clear mind,  and great compassion.
The most beautiful garden will grow
wherever you do this work.

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