Our Beautiful Imperfections


We don’t need to prove
that we are better than everyone else
when we are aware of our own basic goodness.
We can allow ourselves to make mistakes
and discover and learn new things.
Our imperfections aren’t reasons
to feel ashamed and isolate ourselves–
they can be opportunities
to draw closer to others
who also make mistakes,
who are also human.
This is just an invitation
for those of you out there
who are hyper self-critical perfectionists
(It takes one to know one)–
Life will become so much sweeter
when you can set yourself free
from the prison of perfectionism
and step into this moment,
remembering the warm,
living, breathing human that you are.
We aren’t mass produced
Barbie and Ken dolls
and we don’t come from cookie cutters.
Set down the burden of having to be “good.”
Give up the illusion of control,
turn to look upon yourself with friendliness.
In so doing you will give others permission
to do the same.


Please share your thoughts. Your presence here is greatly appreciated.

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