Mindfulness and Self-Compassion


Mindfulness is a key component
of self-compassion.
Simply being angry won’t help you,
but being aware that you are angry–
now there is this space of awareness,
some breathing room to perceive.
This space of awareness
will give you the clarity
to decide what you can do to shift
the situation.
Instead of reacting with anger,
you can take a deep breath
and choose what to do or say.
Being depressed is an awful trap…
but when you are aware
that you are feeling depressed–
now there is this moment of wakefulness.
This alertness opens up the moment to you
and you can reach out for help
or make choices that will
restore some balance, some sanity.
Above all, this mindfulness practice
allows you to identify what you are feeling,
and in that moment,
you can respond to yourself
with care and concern.
As you offer yourself
the same care you would offer to a friend,
you remember how good it feels
to be held, to be acknowledged, to be loved.
And here is the true power and the true freedom:
We realize that we don’t need to wait
for others to come around
and give us what we need–
we can look inside,
and in that deep well of compassion,
find the strength to meet ourselves
with all the love and kindness
we’ve been wanting.
Let yourself feel,
and let yourself recognize
what it is you are feeling.
It is this simple.
Now, begin.


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