Perfectionism Pie


Taking just one small step
in the direction of your dreams
makes the next step even easier,
but that first step must be taken.
Coming from someone
who was spoon-fed perfectionism pie
from day one,
watching a father with a great mind
but who rarely got anything done–
I can tell you that the first step
is certainly the hardest.
The fear thoughts
are sticky, gummy, clingy things
that keep you anchored to the spot.
It’s not the right time!
I’ll never get it all right.
I don’t have every single material needed
to complete the project
so I won’t bother beginning it
with what I have.
I know that logic like this
is absurd, really–
but having lived for so long
in that cage of fear
I can vouch for the fact
that it takes a perfectionist
great strength and courage
and faith
to do even the smallest of tasks.
Well, now it’s time
for something completely different–
I’m ready to be more relaxed,
to be okay with mistakes,
to embrace the inevitable imperfections
that make me human.
I took some steps yesterday and today.
I wonder what steps I’ll take tomorrow.
Even if they’re tiny,
I’ll still celebrate them,
because any step taken
will make the next step easier.


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