A More Peaceful World


I feel I must acknowledge what happened,
how in the blink of an eye many lives were taken,
and those left behind in a cloud of grief, of pain,
of unthinkable terror–how are they today?
I keep wondering something–
how, in a world where so many of us are good people,
decent people, people who want peace,
people who want safety for everyone
who want tolerance, who want freedom–
why is it that just one confused person
can destroy so much?
I wish it were like the sugar you add
to lemonade–enough of it
and the sourness doesn’t bother you so much.
Isn’t there enough sweetness in all of us
to counter the bitterness of an isolated few,
to make the drink of life taste sweet enough?
But humanity isn’t as simple as lemonade.
Human perception is unfathomably complex,
and from this complexity arise many variables.
Variables like the person who walked into a group of people
with the intention of ending lives.
It’s so hard for me to understand,
but I’m trying.
I want to feel compassion not only for those
who are grieving the loss of life,
but also for the life of the one
who brought so many other lives to an end.
I want to do something to alleviate
the unimaginable suffering
that gave rise to such an act.
Breathing in this moment,
I remember that this is the only moment.
Let my peaceful breathing bring
more coherence into the field of human awareness.
May I awaken tomorrow in a more peaceful world.


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