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Retreat Day 2: Journeying


We drove to a valley surrounded by beautiful, gentle mountains, a desert landscape, scrubby junipers, yellowing sycamores.  There was a creek  not far off from where we set up our circle of chairs and its soft chatter provided a melodious and comforting backdrop to the deep work we did.

The medicine woman spoke:

Prepare yourself for a journey
back home.
You will be sitting, breathing,
going within.
Searching for guidance,
we listened to the drum
sounding the heartbeat
of the Earth Mother.
Trust, go inside, listen.
Make contact with 
an animal spirit
and ask what its gifts are,
what you are meant 
to be activating in your own life.
After each journey
we would share our insights.
I found myself moved to tears
many times today.
Profoundly exhausted
I realized
that sometimes the most subtle journeys
are the most tiring,
asking for every ounce of will
even as they impart the most precious gifts.


Just This Once


I discover that
when I breathe more
I enjoy life more.
I relax,
my body feels good,
I have energy.
I’ve been working on
establishing a deep, slow,
steady breath
for years now and
I know that it feels good
when I breathe consciously.
So the work becomes
remembering to breathe
during the day.
Thank you, oh mind,
for giving me the gift
of conscious breathing
in this moment.
Thank you for waking up from the trance
long enough to remember
to breathe just this once.

Your Body Will Understand


Try this
if you’re feeling depleted
and wanting
to experience abundance:
Consider that whenever you’re experiencing abundance
you’re also having the experience of being fully alive.
Breathing sustains the physical and emotional
experience of being fully alive
by reinforcing the perception
that life is movement,
a constant transition from
fullness to emptiness.
Try breathing slowly and deeply a few times.
Even if your mind doesn’t,
your body will understand
exactly what I mean.

Just As It Is


Trying to make sense of the chaos
I realize I haven’t breathed deeply
in a while so I
and I take a deep breath in…I
and let it out slowly.
Suddenly, there is no chaos.
Suddenly, it’s only this moment,
all it ever was,
all it ever will be.
Nothing to be added to it
nothing to be taken from it–
whole and complete just as it is.

I Breathe


I breathe when it’s cold
I breathe when it’s hot
I breathe when it’s raining
I breathe when there is sun.
Whatever the weather, I breathe.

I breathe when I’m happy
I breathe when I’m sad
I breathe as I think of regrets
I breathe when I’m at peace.
Whatever the mood, I breathe.

I breathe when I want to
I breathe when I have to
I breathe when it’s easy
I breathe when I struggle.
No matter the context, I breathe.

I breathe to begin the day
I breathe at its end.
A breath began my life
A breath will be the last thing I know.
Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I breathe.

Conscious or unconscious
awake or asleep
loving or loathing
living or dying
I breathe, I breathe, I breathe.


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt asked us to write something that relies on repetition.

Just Now All is Well


Just in this moment,
just now, all is well.
I finish up my evening sit,
I continue to breathe mindfully.
The essential oil diffuser is
sending out the beauty
of lavender and vetiver
into the air,
blessing the air,
making me want to breathe more deeply.
All of this talk of trying so hard
makes me tired.
Why not take a cue
from the lavender mist?
Just be sent out like a cloud,
merge with the space around you,
dissolve into being.
Just now, breathing,
all is well.