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All That Was Left


And then I began to see
to what degree
I was holding myself hostage
from Love.
I began to see
to what degree
I was afraid
of letting Love in.
And when I finally stopped
the war with myself
All that was left for me to see
was Love.


Before The Dream


Something is slipping away.
Is it the love I once felt,
or is it the illusion of love
making way for a new truth?
I see him and I’m still grieving,
but something new is there;
a hope, a wish, a desire
for a better life,
a bigger adventure,
a time when I can be held
by someone who loves
without the need to keep tabs.
Back in this room,
back in this house,
our house,
I wonder how much more life I’ll live
before the dream becomes reality.

A Better Tomorrow


Welcome little one!
We are so happy you are here.
Let yourself be held and nourished.
Let yourself rest in the safety
of your mother’s arms.
Grow at your own pace.
See with those fresh eyes.
Stand and walk only when you’re ready.
Let your needs be known
and let them be met.
This world is a good place,
and you are divinely ordained
to be here in this moment.
Sweet little soul, welcome.
Let your light shine,
reminding us
why we hope
for a better tomorrow.

My twin sister, who lives in Hawaii, just gave birth to her second child, a son.  I wish I could be there, but hopefully my poem creates a wave of welcome that the child can feel. Birth is such a miraculous, marvelous experience; just thinking of my new nephew’s arrival sends fresh inspiration through my being.  May he have a good, long life.

All There Is


Could it be
you simply cannot see
the whole picture?
Could it be
that you are getting caught
in mental stories?
Before you fly off the handle
try to find a safe place to land.
Very often
what we most fear
is what we most deeply need
to learn.
The mechanisms we use
to cover our true feelings
only serve to prolong the agony
of imagined loneliness.
Set down your burdens
for just one moment
and see how truly loved you are.
In that loving place
awaken to the connectedness
of all beings, you included.
Love is all there is.

About Love


What should I write about?
Write about love.
What can I say about love
that hasn’t been said?
My dear, you are the only you
there ever will be, 
and your story matters.
Try. Try to write about love.
Okay, I’ll try,
but how can a tiny drop
describe the entire ocean?
Just trust yourself.
Take a deep breath, and write.
Write about love.
Hmm. Love is…indescribable?
Oh, go ahead and try anyway.
It isn’t love just because
someone is saying “I love you.”
Love is action. And truth.
It is clear vision and humor.
It is forgiveness and understanding.
It is forbearance and clear boundaries,
knowing when to allow
and when to say NO!
It is faith and follow through.
It is showing up and growing up,
giving in, standing up,
giving way, standing down.
It is a deep honoring
of the most basic need in all of us,
to be connected,
to be seen, heard and held.
It is the choice to see the beauty
in the middle of the ugliness
and to be rich
in the presence of poverty.
What else can I say?
I am a tiny drop
in the middle of the vast ocean.
You did fine.

Open to Receiving


Don’t be afraid if you are asked to let go
of someone you presently hold dear to your heart.
Do you grieve the setting sun
knowing that it will rise again at day break?
Do you mourn the loss of summer
as autumn leaves begin to fall?
Do you regret the waves flowing their way
back to the ocean
even though in the next instant
they crash again upon the shore?
Everything in this life
has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Letting go gracefully
makes the space to receive
the many delights life wants to bring you
if only you are open to receiving them.