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Thank You Mom


If I am strong, brave, resourceful,
If I know how to laugh with my whole heart,
if I know how to smile at a stranger
and speak to them until they are a friend,
If I know how to work hard in my home
and move with integrity in my world,
If I can speak my truth clearly and fearlessly,
If I can comfort those in need
and discover the solution
where others perceive problems,
If I can see the deeper meaning of all things
and love the essence of this universe,
it is because of you, Mom,
and everything that you taught me.
Thank you, a million times,
thank you.

I LOVE (a cure for funky moods)


A cure for the days when it’s cold and rainy
and you’re in a funk:
A game called “One Hundred Things I Love.”
If you’re with a friend or several,
you can take turns completing this sentence:
I love…
Just keep going around and around
sharing what you love
until you can feel your mood lifting.
If you are by yourself, take a sheet of paper
and write I LOVE in huge letters at the top.
Then start thinking of all the things you love,
and write them down, one by one.
It only takes a minute
and you’ll feel a million times better…
no more room for an ick sauce funky mood!
For example:
hot chocolate on a cold day
kittens sleeping on my lap
kissing my children’s sleeping faces
wading into a cold stream in the summertime
watching a sunset over the ocean
speaking French
writing in my journal
playing my guitar
teaching yoga
fixing things
a crisp, juicy apple
the sound of rain
walking in the woods
rock climbing
a gentle breeze
the smell of holly blossoms
yummy yarn
riding my bike
and on and on and on…
Isn’t life AWESOME?
If you don’t think so,
play “One Hundred Things I Love”!!!

Irresistible Heart


The pressure is off.
You don’t need to be perfect.
Just work hard
to discover who you really are
then share that with the world.
Your voice is unique,
so is your mind
and your spirit…
there will never be another
exactly like you.
The world longs to know you,
the real you.
Would you deny us that?
Have mercy on us,
give yourself completely to us,
know who you are,
and shine that self
into the world,
illuminating us
with the radiant beauty
of your irresistible heart.

Not So Romantic, But Real


How my views of love have changed
since getting married and having kids!
Back in my twenties
I visualized passion, romance,
some amazingly mystical
soul mate connection.
Now the most romantic thing
would be a day off
for myself
to not see or speak with anyone.
Now, love is getting the dishes done
and the litter box scooped
and the laundry folded
and the dinner cooked
and the children bathed…
if we have any energy left
at the end of the day
we might watch a show together.
We turn in,
wish each other good night
and sweet dreams.
His sleeping form
and intermittent snores
are strangely reassuring.
Not so romantic,
but real.

What Separation Taught Me


My little family of four
was flying standby today
and only two of us could board the plane
from Boston to Salt Lake City.
I didn’t want us to split up,
but my husband insisted, saying,
If we don’t do it this way,
it will be the same thing tomorrow.
At least this way, we’ll have a better chance
of all of us getting there,
even if two of us have to arrive later.

So I and my son boarded the plane.
My daughter was in tears as I hugged her goodbye.
I told her she’d have a fun date with daddy
and tried to cheer her up,
but inside my heart was breaking.
As our plane took off,
I held my son’s hand,
really feeling the distance expanding,
separating us from my husband and my daughter.
And it struck me that experiences
really aren’t so fun
if the ones most dear to your heart
are not there with you to share them.
Nothing can buy the deep feeling of  connection
that blossoms from within when you spend time
with those you love.
You could be on an island paradise
with delicious food, beautiful weather,
and luxury accommodations,
but without your beloveds,
it all becomes quite dreary.
So hold your loved ones close,
they are the most precious treasures of all.
When you’re happy together,
when you cherish one another,
it doesn’t matter where you are,
it all becomes so  lovely.

What is True?


Sometimes, when I hear
another story about
the atrocities committed
due to disagreements about
what is true
I wonder if I am simply dreaming.
How can this be?
How could you look at someone and say
If you don’t think the way I do
then I will kill you  ???
Most people I know
know that truth is variable;
it changes according to who is thinking about it.
And variability is good!
It’s interesting!
It’s a fertile place for discussion,
for creativity,
for innovation,
for synthesizing many ideas
into an incredible solution
to the problems facing us today.
And…If we were all the same,
wouldn’t life be boring?
Will we one day understand
that we can sit together
and love one another
and help one another
and respect one another
even if we don’t agree on what is true?