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Afternoon Reflection


The afternoon light sparkles
on gently waving leaves.
My body wants rest; I listen.
I take a moment,
one little pause to reflect.
Who thinks these thoughts?
Who writes these words?
Who causes the leaves to dance
and the wind to blow through them?
It can be spacious, this moment,
this life.
The light keeps sparkling
and something within me
recognizes it.
All at once I realize,
I’m here. I made it.


Just As It Is


Trying to make sense of the chaos
I realize I haven’t breathed deeply
in a while so I
and I take a deep breath in…I
and let it out slowly.
Suddenly, there is no chaos.
Suddenly, it’s only this moment,
all it ever was,
all it ever will be.
Nothing to be added to it
nothing to be taken from it–
whole and complete just as it is.

At the Beginning


We’re always at the beginning,
so let’s get started.
There is nothing to finish,
there is no end,
only this moment,
waiting for us to start
and start again.
And this is the beauty of it,
the spaciousness of always beginning.
There is no pressure to be a master,
no perfection to aspire towards
when perfection is all there ever is.
The imperfections are part of the perfection,
just as night is contained in day
and sadness in joy.
There is nothing you can lack;
here at the beginning
you sense the enormity
of your wide open potential
streaming from your innocent heart
beating, always now,
at the beginning.

No Time, Just Present


The year winds down
but the days, little by little,
stretch longer and longer.
Spring is coming.
This is the promise
a few more minutes of daylight make
every single day.
But what if we weren’t so fixated on time?
What then?
What if we had no concept of year, season,
month, week, day, hours, minutes, seconds?
What would happen?
If we could drop the need to analyze,
understand, judge and plan,
we might have enough room to observe
the wonders as they unfold all around us.
This moment it is dark outside.
My body is tired.
It must be time to sleep.
Ah now this moment
I am awakening.
I see light.
My body is hungry.
It must be time to get up.
How simple this life could be
without the clutter of labels,
units, measures, definitions…
Think of an eagle soaring
or an oak growing from an acorn.
No time, always this moment.
If a course could be offered
on this kind of living,
I’d be the first to sign up!

Precious Presence


Forget about the shopping–
give a hug, a flower, a smile,
your time.
We surround ourselves with things,
but none of it can come with us
when we leave this world.
How do you want to be remembered?
We can be distracted
in pursuit of things,
or we can be here,
open heart, open eyes,
present for our loved ones.
Sit with your beloveds,
be still and quiet,
look at them, see them,
really listen.
Your loving presence
is the most precious of presents.