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Give Yourself Permission


Give yourself permission to take care of yourself,
no one else will give it to you.
It may seem like a selfish act,
but it is only in caring deeply for yourself
that you can extend that same caring to others.
Let your cup be full, your body rested, your mind at ease.
Now you will be in a position
to offer the very best of yourself
to this world that longs to know you.

Haiku Just Before Sleep


Eyelids heavy as marble;
nighttime is seducing me.
It’s time for bed now.


I am so tired from two nights of offspring induced sleep deprivation so my practices are abbreviated tonight. I had a very brief sit followed by a very brief post.  I would’ve written something longer, but my eyes were closing with my fingers poised above the keyboard.  I can take a hint.  May all beings find sweet rest and safety in this moment.

Generosity for the Self


Here I am again,
just two days before another workshop,
feeling unprepared, anxious,
a bit panicky
and self-critical, asking myself,
Why didn’t you pace yourself better?
When are you going to grow up 
and stop procrastinating?
The topic of the workshop is generosity.
And as with all things that are important in life,
I must experience it first
before I can hope to teach anyone else about it.
So I start with myself.
I am generous with compassion
for the tired mother
who is trying to make everyone happy
and who often forgets about her own needs in the process.
I blanket her in forgiveness and reassurance.
I let her know that she is worthy of love and happiness
regardless of the outcome.
I remind her that her self-worth is not at stake here
and that she has done the best she can
in the midst of the chaos of daily life.
Okay, this looks good on paper,
but these are just words,
and talk is cheap.
Now let me practice it for real.

Self-Care for the Caregivers


A word about self-care
for all those caregivers out there:
take the time to eat–
you need your strength
for the amazing feats of courage
you undertake every day.
Take the time to play–
you need to resource
your wells of humor and inspiration
so that you will have
these precious gifts to offer.
Take the time to rest–
your body and mind
need time to heal and regroup
so that you can wake up the next day
ready to do it all again.