Mystery of Being


Trust in the enfolding.
Your little eyes see enormous things
but they can’t see everything.
Isn’t life more beautiful
when viewed from the mystery of being?


Isn’t That Better?


You might go to the ends of the earth
and still never find the answer.
You could ask the wisest teacher
and still not know who you are.
Stop all this frantic searching
outside of yourself.
The answers are within.
Get still, close your eyes,
be quiet.
There now, isn’t that better?

I’m Okay


I show up here again
and I don’t know what to say.
Why should I say anything at all?
I’m tired, sleep deprived,
wondering if my son
will wake me up again
in the middle of the night
as he has done every night this week.
I seek solace everywhere but inside myself,
but this is where the solace rests.
Maybe if I were to just stop,
take a deep breath,
close my eyes and go inside,
I’d find that it’s okay
to not say anything,
it’s okay to be sleep-deprived,
and it’s okay
to seek solace outside of myself…
And then I might laugh,
because it’s the voice within me
that just gave me the solace I was seeking,
that told me I’m okay.

The Truth of My Deepest Self


And then I realized
this suffering isn’t
some nuisance to be tolerated…
it’s an opportunity
to dive deep within myself
and learn something.
It’s a chance to trust
that what I’ve been given
is what I’m meant to have
(for now)
and as I shift inside
I’ll see the shifts on the outside too.
It’s a confrontation
with the old, outworn stories,
a chance to rewrite the narrative
into something deeper,
something more beautiful,
more meaningful than before.
And I turn to my higher power,
Let this be an initiation
into profound understanding.
Let this be a signpost
that I’ve moved into a territory
of authentic feeling.
Facing what arises,
loving what I cannot yet understand,
faithful that whatever brought me here
won’t leave me here to die…
Awakening to what is
and who I am,
seeing the truth of my deepest Self.

A Better Tomorrow


Welcome little one!
We are so happy you are here.
Let yourself be held and nourished.
Let yourself rest in the safety
of your mother’s arms.
Grow at your own pace.
See with those fresh eyes.
Stand and walk only when you’re ready.
Let your needs be known
and let them be met.
This world is a good place,
and you are divinely ordained
to be here in this moment.
Sweet little soul, welcome.
Let your light shine,
reminding us
why we hope
for a better tomorrow.

My twin sister, who lives in Hawaii, just gave birth to her second child, a son.  I wish I could be there, but hopefully my poem creates a wave of welcome that the child can feel. Birth is such a miraculous, marvelous experience; just thinking of my new nephew’s arrival sends fresh inspiration through my being.  May he have a good, long life.