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The Way Things Are


Give life a chance to surprise you.
Follow your own star,
see where it leads you.
Everything is not what you think it is.
Drop your awareness deeper,
beyond what you think you know,
into the realms of your heart
and your gut.
This deeper listening
will open you to a world
that was always there,
but wasn’t available to you
because of the fortress of thinking
you built around you
to give you ground
in a groundless, eternal
experience of being.
Let go of any notion
of control, of a fixed reality,
of how things should be.
You might just be amazed
with things
the way that they are…

Life By Life


Being a friend to myself.
Loving myself despite my imperfections.
Laughing at the absurdity of genetics,
biology, habit, and ingrained response.

It lies in opening my arms and my heart fully
to this moment as it presents itself,
to ME, as I present myself…

And it is found in breathing deeply and slowly,
welcoming this moment
molecule by molecule,
breath by breath,
word by word,
sound by sound,
action by action,
life by life.

Dance in the Rain


If we have a rigid view
about how things are supposed to be
how could we ever be delighted
by the way things actually are?
What sounds better–
mumbling, groaning, frowning,
complaining because it isn’t sunny
stepping out into the rain,
smiling, looking up to the sky,
opening your arms wide
and dancing?
If you don’t like what’s happening
find a way to reframe this moment
to bring your awareness back
to how truly blessed you are.
Look at where you came from,
going back thousands, millions of years.
Think about how many ancestors
had to survive
to make your life possible.
Feel awe contemplating
the utter improbability
of your birth–
out of all the beings
who could’ve been born
from your mother and father,
it was YOU who was given life.
What a gift it is just to be here.
Now go and dance in the rain!

Giving Up Control


I’ve tried to be in control
for most of my life
and where has it gotten me?
Anxious, resentful,
disappointed, fearful,
just negative.
It doesn’t work,
buying into this illusion of control.
So why don’t I try something else?
What if I could simply surrender?
What if I could free up
the inner resources necessary
to really BE in this world
with my whole heart and mind?
What if I could take in
the beauty of this life
and feel gratitude welling up in my heart,
regardless of the weather
or where I live
or with whom I’m spending my time
or what kind of job I have
or clothes I’m wearing
or car I’m driving?
When all of the layers of illusion drop away
I am left with this Self, pure and simple.
This Self knows that there is nothing to control
in the outer world,
nothing that can be given or taken away.
It sits quietly, witnessing the all,
smiling, flowing into this infinite space
of being.

Returning to Sanity


I kept admonishing myself
for losing it with my kids.
Feeling guilty, ashamed,
a failure as a parent.
And then I realized,
it’s normal to lose it.
Because I’m human,
because sometimes I’m tired,
overworked, overwhelmed,
it just happens.
And as I began to cultivate acceptance
for my own humanness,
it occurred to me
that the goal isn’t
to never lose it with my kids.
The goal is to gradually learn
how to recognize my own insanity
as it arises
and restore myself to sanity
as best I can.
The goal is to acknowledge
the mistakes I have made
and do my best to make amends.
And so I ask for my kids’ forgiveness
when I lose it with them.
And as they forgive me
I start to see that I can forgive me too.

Healing Work


When I tell myself the story
that my nose shouldn’t be running,
my throat shouldn’t be hurting,
my body shouldn’t be draggy and heavy,
I shouldn’t be sneezing…
and then my nose runs,
my throat hurts,
my body is draggy and heavy,
and I sneeze–
then I am miserable.
Inwardly I wail about my fate,
being caught in illness,
made to slow down,
missing out on doing the work I love.
Without the thought
that I shouldn’t be feeling this way,
I would be me, sitting in bed,
fingers tapping letters
on a keyboard,
almost ready for bed,
feeling grateful for my warm home,
my children sleeping safe and sound,
my husband watching TV,
just me here,
counting my blessings.
Feeling this way
and trying to stay awake
through the process of healing
sure is a lot of work!

Observing the Perfection


After going and and going
and trying and trying
and wanting and wishing
and regretting and fixing
and pushing and pulling
negotiating and resisting
and persevering and persisting
achieving and believing
failing and wailing
delaying and replaying…
I’ve come to realize
that all I’ve been seeking
and all I’ve been wanting
is what I already have,
is who I already am.
And so I settle into
a quieter version of myself…
one who sits, listens,
waits and watches,
observing the perfection
of this unfolding,
ever evolving universe.