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It Was Worth It!


Wide awake in the middle of the night,
head buzzing with the latest fears, doubts and anxieties,
I decided to dive deep into the ocean of myself.
I discovered stories I had told about myself
since childhood.
I saw the ways that I had unconsciously trained
my husband to perpetuate the stories,
and how desperately I was seeking
love, attention and approval
even in the midst of my beliefs of unworthiness.
Wide awake in the middle of the night
I experienced a profound reckoning,
a chance, a choice to stop telling those stories
once and for all,
to witness and know and hold my goodness
in the vast space of my tender heart—
and to see the innocence in all of us.
Five hours passed as I underwent this reckoning.
The next morning I was sleep deprived
and most likely looked like a zombie…
but awakening to the truth at the core of myself
was worth it!


The Truth Is


For so long the sense of urgency
has haunted me…
Gotta go there,
gotta do this,
gotta be someone,
I’m not good enough…yet—

gotta get better!
Then I can be loved,

then I can be successful,
then I can be happy.
My head spins,
my stomach hurts,
this belief of
Never good enough
always right there,
chasing me, haunting me.
And then I realize
I can stop, breathe,
feel space within me,
and tune into the truth.
No thing is chasing me,
no thing is haunting me.
Although in the past
I believed my erroneous
thoughts and stories were
THE truth—
today I stand in a different truth.
The truth is,
I am a human, being.
The truth is,
I am imperfect.
The truth is,
I don’t have to be good,
I don’t have to be special,
I don’t have to be right,
I don’t have to be safe,
I don’t have to be other than
who I am right now.
Do you know what this means?

Of Infinite Possibilities


To heal.
To rise above.
To feel the pain
and take the good medicine.
My posture has changed;
for now more humble,
more protective.
This turning into myself
doesn’t reduce me,
the way a daytime flower
folding into herself
during the coolness of night
doesn’t reduce the splendor
of her awakening
to the next day.
I am nurturing seeds of potential
and when the time is right
they too shall experience
a breaking open
and a deep, sighing welcome
to this life
of infinite possibilities.

In Your Presence


In moments of challenge
we always have a choice.
Training in awareness
we can look inside our minds
and discover the space
between reactivity and responsiveness.
Instead of asking
in that whiny little voice
Why me?
Why is this happening?
Stand up, take a deep breath
and ask yourself
What do I want?
Discover the space within you
to ask the questions
and to wait for the answers
that feel right.
Now, more than ever,
this world needs us to
wake up,
question, decide, and respond.
Search for the choice
inside each challenge,
the opportunity in each setback.
As you walk this path
of awakened consciousness
you can be sure the world
glows brighter in your presence.

Can You Feel It?


Why wait  for something
extraordinary to happen
to be fulfilled?
Take a deep breath.
Can you feel it?
Why wait for the world
to come to its senses
to experience peace?
Can you feel it?
Why wait for happiness,
a sense of belonging,
Just sit still and breathe.
Everything you long for
is right within you.
You are the keeper of great treasures,
wealthy beyond measure.
Don’t sit there alone, brooding, waiting,
when you can come to know
the utter beauty of love’s true joy.
Walk to the door, fling it open, step outside.
Beckon the world to come see your treasure,
dazzling with the hope and the promise
of good days to come.
Don’t wait. Share it with us now.

Now That You Know


If, suddenly, all limitations were removed,
Who would you be?
Where would you go?
What would you see?
What would you say?
What would you do?
As we walk this path of awakening
it begins to dawn on us
that all limitations are self-imposed.
What if you could confront the thoughts
that you aren’t enough,
the people in your life aren’t enough,
life isn’t enough?
What if you realized that
right in this moment you do, in fact,
hold all of the ingredients within you
necessary to create a happy, fulfilled life?
What if you could sense
very profoundly
how completely life supports you
in becoming the person you want to be?
Let’s try an experiment.
Let’s assume, for one moment,
that we have access
to our awakened consciousness
and all of the blessings that arrive
in such a state of awareness.
Be still, go inwards and really look.
What is possible for you now
that you know who you are?