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Mystery of Being


Trust in the enfolding.
Your little eyes see enormous things
but they can’t see everything.
Isn’t life more beautiful
when viewed from the mystery of being?


About Love


What should I write about?
Write about love.
What can I say about love
that hasn’t been said?
My dear, you are the only you
there ever will be, 
and your story matters.
Try. Try to write about love.
Okay, I’ll try,
but how can a tiny drop
describe the entire ocean?
Just trust yourself.
Take a deep breath, and write.
Write about love.
Hmm. Love is…indescribable?
Oh, go ahead and try anyway.
It isn’t love just because
someone is saying “I love you.”
Love is action. And truth.
It is clear vision and humor.
It is forgiveness and understanding.
It is forbearance and clear boundaries,
knowing when to allow
and when to say NO!
It is faith and follow through.
It is showing up and growing up,
giving in, standing up,
giving way, standing down.
It is a deep honoring
of the most basic need in all of us,
to be connected,
to be seen, heard and held.
It is the choice to see the beauty
in the middle of the ugliness
and to be rich
in the presence of poverty.
What else can I say?
I am a tiny drop
in the middle of the vast ocean.
You did fine.

What More Can I Ask For?


The gratitude comes in waves,
and it’s for nothing in particular…
or should I say it’s for everything?
The morning light filtering through leaves
and the still cool, moist ground
carpeted in moss beneath my feet.
Beloveds I haven’t yet met
making merry all around me;
music, festivities, food and drink,
laughter, artistry, and a healthy dose
of debauchery…
Really, what more can I ask for
in a moment that gives me everything?

Healing from the Inside


Healing isn’t something we do,
it’s something that we allow,
once we have dissolved the blocks
to its natural unfolding.
And the blocks are always inside us.
What stories are you telling?
What beliefs have you cherished for so long?
What identity have you been feeding
at the expense of your deepest, truest self?
When we decide to heal, we will,
and it doesn’t matter what needs to be healed.
Cultivate self-love, an appreciation of your soul,
stoke the fire within you that gives rise
to your vibrant, beautiful expression in the world.
All this and more becomes your way of life
when you choose to heal from the inside.

Both Were


This is the urgency: Live! and have your blooming in the noise of the whirlwind.
—Gwendolyn Brooks

There was something I was meant to learn
about cosmic balance today,
and so I let loose the fire, the fury, the heaviness
in the morning
and drew forth the rain, the peace, the lightness
at twilight.
Both felt equally important.
Both were.

More Beauty…from Busy Mockingbird


My heart was so touched by this…a creative mama encouraging her child’s deep imagination to flourish with wonderfully positive qualities, collaboration, trust, strength, sensitivity. What a beautiful world we live in!

I’ve been drawing and painting our daughter Myla for a long time. I was intimidated at first, but she quickly became my favorite subject. I was looking back at some of my artwork featuring her, and noticed how it’s changed as much as she has over the years. My first of her was this one, […]

via Little Dragon Warrior — busy mockingbird

The Majesty Is Us


If I could go through my days
allowing myself to be surprised
by the countless ways the sacred
manifests in the mundane
I would live a life of wonder.
Why should I wait to be awestruck
by the majesty of the world?
It is in the mountains
and in a loaf of bread,
in the oceans
and in the kitchen sink,
in the forests
and in the recycling bin.
The majesty is everywhere around us
because the majesty is us.