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Grateful For What Is


Who would I be without my stories?
Just a woman, fingers dancing on keys,
sitting here, breathing, at peace.
My body danced this evening
and now it is spent.
My heart sang and laughed.
My hands painted and drew
and mothered and colored today.
Without my stories
this day was utter paradise.
Please Divine Spirit,
let me stay attuned to what is real,
that I may live in this one moment
grateful for what is.


Make Me Stronger


I never thought it would be like this.
That’s because life doesn’t stop
to check in with my little ideas
about how things should be.
It just goes on being what it is,
this life,
regardless of my thoughts.
If I want to be happy,
I need to be aware of my thinking,
and ask some questions
when my thoughts create shadows
in place of the light.
May I have the strength to see the truth
when my thoughts have blinded me.
May I have the patience to endure
the challenges life has in store for me,
and may these challenges
make me stronger.

You Are Supported


You say you are not supported?
You are afraid the ground
will give way under your feet?
Just sit a moment.
You are supported.
The chair you are sitting
is holding you.
The building you are in
is holding the chair.
The earth rises up
to support the building,
and the planets and the sun
each have their own
gravitational pull
keeping the earth in its orbit,
maintaining its precious distance
from the sun,
a distance that makes life possible.
Take a deep breath.
All of these amazing processes
swirling within you
through no effort on your part
keeping you alive.
Dear one,
close your eyes and breathe.
Feel it.
You are supported…
and loved.


This was inspired by a passage from Byron Katie’s book I Need Your Love, Is That True? If you are going through any relationship challenges, I highly recommend it.  If your relationship is going great, I highly recommend it. 😀

Love & Fear


The more I try to get unstuck
the more stuck I am.
If I can relax, look around
and accept the fact that I’m stuck
then I can better find the way out
of whatever rut I’ve fallen into.
First, I look at my thoughts.
Is the story I’m telling
helping me to be happy?
If not, it’s time to rethink
my vision of this moment.
When I allow them to be,
everyone around me
is the love of my life.
When my heart is shut down
and I believe my fear thoughts,
even the most innocent souls
become my enemies.
How can it be that I have this much love
and this much fear in me
all at once?

Which Do You Choose?


The mind,
in its childlike innocence,
jumps to wild conclusions
and then attempts to assert
its authority,
looking out into the world
for every proof
that what it believes is
It does this so quickly
that we can’t even see it happening,
but stress in your body-mind
is a sure sign that it has happened.
We can help our minds to mature
by questioning the conclusions it has drawn.
Every time you notice a stressful thought,
hold it up to the lens of inquiry,
asking four simple questions:
Is it true?
Can you absolutely know that it is true?
How do you react when you think that thought?
Who would you be without that thought?
And then, the turnarounds
You find genuine, sincere examples
of how the opposite
is as true
or truer than
your original stressful thought.
When the mind can see
that the opposite of its belief
is as just as accurate as the belief itself,
it instantly becomes more open, receptive,
clear, calm.
The mind,
looking back onto itself
can see its own innocence
and relax into a spacious awareness
of not knowing.
Here, each moment is a discovery.
Here the potential for happiness
blossoms into reality.
Here, the mind sets itself free
to be inspired, to love,
to live fully.
So, which do you choose–
a mind that believes its own wild conclusions,
or a mind that knows it knows nothing?
One leads to stress, anxiety, fear, anger–
the other to profound and abiding peace.
So, which do you choose?

It Takes Great Courage


If someone questions
what you do,
take a breath,
Becoming defensive helps nothing.
Can you stay in your integrity
and open to the other’s point of view?
Without reacting,
can you speak your mind?
More important,
can you listen, really listen
to the thoughts between the words
and discern your own truth
from all the conflicting motivations?
Close your eyes,
be still,
It takes great courage
to awaken to your true self;
let your strong heart
do all the talking.
It is so much more eloquent
than mere words,
and in this noisy world,
so much more powerful.

Inner Activism


Activism begins within.
It isn’t enough to look around,
see what’s wrong with the world,
and decide to fix things.
It is insane believing
that we can change the world outside.
you are watching a movie,
and there is fuzz on the projector lens.
Will you run down to the screen
and furiously start scrubbing,
trying to remove the shadow projected there?
And how long would it take to realize
that scrubbing the screen
will do nothing to remove
the bit of fuzz stuck to the lens?
If we want to see a clean, clear image,
we must begin with the projector.
We must clean our own lens
if we will see this world rightly.
It is too easy to see injustice,
become angry, and point fingers.
Who will be the brave one
who generates compassion
for the suffering of the world,
and who silently teaches peace
with every step, every breath?
The most profound teachings
aren’t the ones that can be spoken,
they are the ones that are lived,
wordlessly expressed
as the clearly projected image
of a mind and a heart at ease.
If you would be an activist,
address the inner violence,
the inner pollution,
the inner injustice–
and watch as the world
reflects your own pure beauty
back onto the mirror of your soul.