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Stay Open


Stay open.
If you’re not deliberately staying open,
you are probably shutting down.
Sure, you might feel safer
hiding your light from the world,
but did you come here to live
in the darkness of your comfort bubble?
Just beyond the edges of that bubble,
your amazing potential awaits,
potential only you can fulfill.
Start by being open to the possibility
that you could stay open
and move on from there.
Take deep breaths.
If you’re feeling uncomfortable
you’ve reached the edge of your comfort zone
and now real growth can take place.
Take a stand for your open mind,
your open heart, your boundless spirit.
Live from your deepest truth,
express the soul fire that burns within you,
and as the changes come,
stay open.


Fear Not, Little Bird


Little bird,
you must stretch your wings
if you would fly.
You must leave the nest
if you would breathe.
Don’t be afraid,
the fresh air of this wide open world
calls to you.
now soar...

There is no wrong way
to fly in the sky
circling in the blue vastness…
just don’t get stuck in the nest.
There is no room
for those beautiful wings of yours
in the old confined place
of your infancy.
At any rate,
if you tarry too long
you will be pushed from the nest
by the Great Mother,
the awakener of us all.

Don’t grieve the loss
of that which is familiar.
What at first seems painful
is life moving you to a place
of greater expansion.
Little bird,
don’t be afraid.
You are more than capable
of opening to this moment,
ready to meet your grandest destiny,
circling in the blue vastness…