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Can You Feel It?


Why wait  for something
extraordinary to happen
to be fulfilled?
Take a deep breath.
Can you feel it?
Why wait for the world
to come to its senses
to experience peace?
Can you feel it?
Why wait for happiness,
a sense of belonging,
Just sit still and breathe.
Everything you long for
is right within you.
You are the keeper of great treasures,
wealthy beyond measure.
Don’t sit there alone, brooding, waiting,
when you can come to know
the utter beauty of love’s true joy.
Walk to the door, fling it open, step outside.
Beckon the world to come see your treasure,
dazzling with the hope and the promise
of good days to come.
Don’t wait. Share it with us now.

Back to Your Center


It’s finally sinking into my thick skull
that in order to be truly happy,
I need others in my life
and that giving to others
is an act of giving to myself.
To see those around me glowing with happiness
is a greater gift than words can describe,
and to know that I had a part in that happiness–
pure bliss!
It’s a paradox that the more you give away
the more you have,
but this is the way it works
when your heart takes the lead.
Living in the paradox with an open mind
life opens up and hidden mysteries are exposed,
drops of dew glistening in the morning sun,
here and then gone.  Let go of all of it.
What I once thought was real fades away
to reveal something even more beautiful,
graceful, precious and kind,
the way the chrysalis fades away
once the butterfly emerges.
Be still and watch as the world spins around you.
You are the center of your own universe,
a divine creator, more powerful than you could know.
Now, what shall you spin out from your center,
what will you weave into the fabric of your life?
Each day a new thread appears.
Can you follow it back to your center and rejoice?

Answer the Call


If the quickest path to misery
is self-absorption
then the quickest path to joy
is placing your attention on others,
seeing what you can give,
how you can help,
where you can go
to enrich the lives of others.
At the end of your life,
is it the piles of money
you will have amassed,
or the big house
or the fancy car
that will matter?
will you be able
to say with confidence
I gave all I had
and I loved with my whole heart.
I feel complete now,
knowing that I brought joy
to the people in my life…?
Each day we choose
one or the other…
self absorption
or the kind of selflessness
that can heal the whole world.
You matter.
Your actions matter.
The love you give matters.
Now, more than ever,
the world needs you.
Will you answer the call?

A Community of Light Bearers


Light Bearers

Today seems really special for some reason.  It could be the slight chill in the air that hints autumn is on its way, or the quality of the light as I drove my daughter to preschool this morning.  It could be the receptivity of my students this morning who were willing to try out the Tibetan yoga techniques I learned this past weekend.  Maybe it’s the fact that I had a nice mother-daughter lunch and then came home to my hubby putting the ingredients for chili in a slow cooker, and noticing how he had grocery shopped, cleaned and organized the house while we were out.  Maybe it is grace, pure and simple, revealing to me once again how the little things in each moment fuse together one by one to make up the beautiful patchwork quilt of our lives–so many colors and textures, such blessing and a joy to behold.

Whatever it is, it feels good and I am grateful.  When I logged in to my blog this afternoon and discovered that some dear souls had left comments for me, it really did feel like a wonderful gift.  “Wow,” I thought to myself, “they took the time to write that.  For ME!  They actually read my words and now they’re sharing.  This is beautiful!”

And then it occurred to me how those who read and respond to my posts do so because in some way these words resonate with them.  It might seem like this goes without saying, but upon further exploration of this idea, I realize that I’m calling into my life people who also do the work of looking inwards, who are searching for deeper meaning in their lives, who see the divine in the simple things, who practice lovingkindness in the world around them.

I’ve been wondering for a good portion of my adult life who my tribe is.  Surely I’ve been able to flow into and out of social situations, but I have never really felt like I was part of a cohesive group of like-minded people.  And oh how I have wanted to be a part of a tribe!  Something larger than myself, a support network whose power is far greater than the sum of its parts, creating synergy that makes the impossible possible.

One of my deepest dreams for some time now is to belong to a community of light-bearers.  People who consciously carry their gifts into the world and do what they love in service of others.  Massage therapists, meditation teachers, reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, nutritionists, yoga teachers, homeopathic and holistic doctors, artists, writers, musicians, dancers, shamans, botanists, psychotherapists, feng shui experts, scholars, life coaches–in my dream community, such people would exist in close proximity, and each day would be about healing, working with joy, creating a sustainable way of life for ourselves and the planet.  Glowing with health inside and out, each day would be a celebration of our own unique talents and abilities that we would gratefully share with others.

“Well gee,” I said to myself, as I pondered the community of writers I have met through my blog, “here is my tribe!  Here is the community of light bearers I have been searching for. Here are friends who show up and celebrate with me the beauty that exists in the here and now.  Here are friends who are offering hope and light and laughter with their words.”  It’s as though I was staring at the solution all along and never seeing it, because I was expecting it to arrive in a certain form.  And now that I’m looking straight at it, I’m wondering why I didn’t see it in the first place.

Anyway, all of this to say, thank you to all of you who show up with yourselves, your whole selves, and share your essence with this world.  Each word, each image is a blessing.  I am thankful to be a part of this community, thankful that there are friends out there who understand what I’m trying to say and who unabashedly jump out on the limb with me.

Now who wants to join in constructing a little village for all of us, so that we may regularly sit together with a cup of tea and share and dance and sing and create just for the joy of it?



Waiting for You!


Dear Community of Writers and Readers,

Thank you for existing.
Since I began this little blog project in January, I have:

Laughed, cried, celebrated,
Allowed myself to be embraced by virtual arms in cyberspace,
receiving the kindest of words
that have cradled my hurts and given them room for healing.

I have yearned and asked and answered and asked again
Connected with kindred spirits that I may never meet in person, but so what?
To know the essence of a person, their pure creative spirit–this gift is enough for me.

Tonight I read the words of a courageous teacher-poet seeking justice in BC,
A kind soul who writes love notes to herself
and therefore to everyone,
A fellow meditator who is committing to living mindfully,
A poet whose phrases fit together like bass and percussion,
and whose poems leave me feeling like I just heard a really good song…

I read the words of a dancer who encourages us to own our passions
by sharing her own journey back home to her joy,
A visual artist/poet whose soul is clearly of unspeakable depth
and whose imagery leaves me in awe,
A visionary seeker whose poems are each a transcendental experience,
A delightful young lady celebrating one year of blogging and going strong…

I gazed in wonderment at the photographic journey of kindred spirits on a trip to Indonesia,
I read an article shared by a Native American writer who takes time to keep us informed.
Enjoyed the words and drawings of an author/artist whose work glows with spirit
So much to see, to share, to know…

Tonight I read and I read and I read.

And I’m left feeling grateful.  Inspired.
I’m left being reminded that this world is so rich and vast
and that each one of us has something truly special to offer.

If you ever wonder about what you have to share
that is actually worth sharing,
Just be willing to share whatever arises in you,
and know that it is enough!
Don’t wait to be an accomplished musician when each breath is a symphony.
Don’t keep yourself from dancing while your heart beats out a perfect rhythm.
This life asks of you nothing more than to be fully you,
and we’re waiting, we’re waiting for you!

Missing Mom and Pop


Mom and Pop,
what happened to you?
We used to be so small
We all used to know each other’s names
our students’ names
We met several times a year,
we ate together
we celebrated at your house,
students and teachers, a community.

Now you have morphed into the corporate borg
Organic growth was overtaken by exponential expansion
Like a quick spreading cancer eating into a healthy body
Now unrecognizable,
the devastation masked by cute young things
eager to smile, eager to post to FaceBook and Instagram.

And you are lying to your best teachers
your best veteran teachers–
And as you shuffle them out,
the students are losing the quality instruction,
the instruction that includes the heart of the teachings
the teachings that will save the world through
profound self-transformation.

I have a memory of you when we were small
I miss you Mom and Pop…
but were you then who I thought you were?
Or were you always this way,
and I just never knew it until you stepped into this position of power?


Life happens. Because I’m a professional, I won’t be using this space to process my disappointment and badmouth those who have wielded the power. I feel disturbed watching the same classic corporate take over story played out in my own back yard…but I won’t get into too much detail, because I live in a small town and I value the connection I have made with many of the people who play a role in the organization that I’m attempting to understand.

My questions for tonight:

Who would I be if I suddenly came into a lot of money/power?

What can I do to feel better about the profound changes I’m witnessing around me?

Is there anything I can do to change the situation for the better besides changing my perception of the situation?

I apologize for such a cryptic post.  I’m just trying to make sense of some things I’m witnessing around me, and I don’t feel at liberty to let all of it just come flying out.


The First Night of My Five Hundred Hour Yoga Teacher Training


One of my strongest desires as a yoga teacher is to deepen my understanding of the practice, of this world, this life so that I can bring authenticity, and the true power to help and to heal to my students.  With that desire in mind, I decided to enroll in the five hundred hour teacher training offered by the same woman who taught my two hundred hour training.  For one weekend a month, from now until December, I will convene with twenty-six other students (assuming everyone stays for the long haul) and we will deepen our understanding of the practice, of this world, this life, together.  We will build a community, we will share our hearts, and move our bodies, we will practice being teachers and students, we will witness our strengths and our shortcomings.  I look forward to the strong network of support that arises in such a community, the feeling of safe space, of being held within a bubble of compassion…I missed that when my two hundred hour training came to a close.  I’m glad to be back in the same room, ready to learn and expand beyond my current understanding.

Tonight was the first night of our training.  Full of many mixed emotions ranging from excitement to anxiety, I rolled out my mat, sat down and tried to remain centered as I took in the energy of the room.  Our teacher began with a mini-lesson on the Sanskrit alphabet; she admitted she was stalling because one of our fellow trainees was having a tough time finding parking.  I tried to listen during that time, but she was drawing the characters on a whiteboard about thirty feet away from me, and the light was quite dim, and I’m a visual learner, so I kind of tuned out from time to time.  That’s okay, I told myself, because I can google “Sanskrit alphabet” any time I want and get the whole thing printed out with very little effort on my part.  It made me feel a little smug to watch some of my fellows scribbling away furiously.  It’s funny how the mind works.

We practiced a bit  of asana together, and I was surprised to note how rusty I feel.  I spend so much of my time teaching, so much of my time caring for my two children, and the house, and just being in a car getting myself here and there to the seven classes I teach a week…I leave very little time to attend to my own asana practice.  I was flooded with more mixed emotions as I took this precious time to feel my body, breathe deeply and slowly, and notice where I’m out of practice, and also where I’ve grown.  I could feel some of the benefits of my meditation practice spilling over into my asana practice tonight.  Just the awareness of my monkey mind, and the realization that this chatter is normal was somehow so comforting.  I’ve shown up for my meditation practice, sitting with the monkey mind, for 946  days now–so I’m quite familiar by this point of the lengths to which my mind will go to keep me from being present in this moment.   This simple awareness that my chattery mind is normal made it all okay as I watched the judgments, the fears, the hopes, the sadness, the doubt, the relief arising, cresting, receding, over and over again.

A lot more happened, but it’s 11:38 pm, I’m tired, and I have to be up early to teach a class in the morning before I show up to day two of my training in the early afternoon.

Suffice it to say, I look forward to our next meeting.

Peaceful dreams, everyone in the entire universe. May we all be happy, healthy, and at ease.