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Open to Receiving


Don’t be afraid if you are asked to let go
of someone you presently hold dear to your heart.
Do you grieve the setting sun
knowing that it will rise again at day break?
Do you mourn the loss of summer
as autumn leaves begin to fall?
Do you regret the waves flowing their way
back to the ocean
even though in the next instant
they crash again upon the shore?
Everything in this life
has a beginning, a middle, and an end.
Letting go gracefully
makes the space to receive
the many delights life wants to bring you
if only you are open to receiving them.

Dance Now


Even in the midst of death,
there is so much life.
When a loved one leaves us,
we remember how precious life is,
how fleeting our presence here.
I keep asking myself
what I’ll do with my time.
My body, still young and able,
can dance and run
and stand in tree pose.
My elders show me
what is yet to come
and their frail forms
Dance now!
Your body will change too.
I am thankful
for the turning of the seasons
and the cycles of life.
There is beauty everywhere
if only we can open our eyes
and see it.

Sadness and Joy


When we can sit with both the sadness and the joy
acknowledging their place in this great big world
we can find the balance
to do what needs to be done every day–
work, play
eat, sleep
laugh, cry
dance, fall
create, destroy
live and die
with the same perfect timing
as the setting and the rising sun.
try not to emphasize one over the other,
but let them come
as raindrops come
or gusts of wind
or rays of sunlight…
this natural part of being human,
this simple fact of being alive.