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Trust in Love


I’m listening to this song
over and over
finding love
that was lost
and then rekindled,
and the romantic in me
gets excited
for the possibility
that after all this strange
grief and heartbreak and loss
I’ll one day regain the courage
to open my heart again
and trust in love.


Never Before


The Piano at 2:25 and at 3:00…

I’m standing at the edge
of my consciousness
delicately balanced,
peering over into the great abyss of space,
not sure whether I should be
scared as hell or ecstatic.
I can’t believe I’m here
and how lonely and excited I feel
all at once.

I shout out into the void
Why is there no map?
A voice answers
Because no one else has ever been here


Isn’t It Wonderful?


Don’t give up
when you see an obstacle in your path
your obstacles ARE your path.
Don’t believe me?
Tell me one amazing thing you’ve accomplished
without a lot of hard work.
Yes. All amazing things come
as a result of hard work and perseverance.
Instead of getting nervous
when an obstacle looms large ahead of you,
get excited.
Yes!  An opportunity to become
more of the you that you are here to become!
Your mindset will determine your experience.
Isn’t it wonderful that you can choose?

What Gives Us Hope


Dare to dream big.
The alternative is settling
for a ho, hum existence
and that isn’t you!!
You are the only you
there ever was
and ever will be.
What will you do
with this one precious you?
What makes your heart soar?
What makes your hair stand up
and your soul blaze?
Don’t let your fears decide for you.
They will choose to keep you small,
hidden from view, hidden from YOU,
seeking comfort and familiarity.
Embrace failure as a teacher.
Celebrate your victories
and get back up when you fall.
Only you know what lights you up.
And light up you must,
because in all of the darkness of this world,
your light is what gives us hope.

Swirls of Thoughts


Many thoughts, swirls of thoughts
then remembering what is real.
I take a breath, then another,
close my eyes…what do I feel?


Only thirteen days until my workshop and I’m now feeling pressed to have everything be more concrete, to find a logical flow and sequence to the material I am presenting, and to make sure that I meet the needs of the workshop attendees–who will certainly arrive in many different shapes and sizes, different ages, different motivations…I’m planning on doing my best to appeal to the various learning styles, and I’m wanting to provide ample time for movement so that no one starts to feel achey or bored or sleepy. I am excited and at the same time overwhelmed.  How can I distill these precious teachings given to us by centuries of wise and compassionate masters into a form that is palatable to today’s western mind?  How can I present the material in such a way that my students will want to continue learning and practicing after the workshop is over?  

Saying Goodbye


My yoga teaching schedule was overloaded for over a year, and I made the decision to cut some of the classes out of my routine so that I would have more time with the family.  This week I taught the last of the classes I gave up.  It’s funny…I didn’t feel all that emotional or sad like I thought I would.  It’s probably because I’m really looking forward to more family time and non-structured time for reading, writing, knitting, sewing, cooking, photography; I think my creative self is fairly bursting with joy knowing that I’ll have more time to explore my world.

I thought it would be painful,
this saying goodbye.

I thought I would choke back tears,
I thought I would be a brave soldier
and not show any emotion.

But this didn’t happen.
I said goodbye with excitement,
I explained why I was leaving.
My students were excited for me.

And now I’m feeling free.
I’ll have more time for my dearest ones,
Time for creation
Time to just be.

This saying goodbye was the
opposite of pain.

I’m free, and I’m ecstatic!

Absorb the Spring

Absorb the Spring

Dark Sweetness

The ground turns green. A drum begins
Commentaries on the heart arrive in seven volumes.

The pen puts its head down
to give a dark sweetness to the page.

Planets go wherever they want.
Venus sways near the North Star.
The moon holds on to Leo.

The host who has no self is here.
We look into each other’s eyes.

A child is still a child
Even after it has learned the alphabet.

Solomon lifts his morning cup to the mountains.
Sit down in this pavilion,
and don’t listen to religious bickering.
Be silent as we absorb the spring.

–Rumi (translated by Coleman Barks, A Year with Rumi, p 67.)


OH MY GOSH. I saw CROCUSES today!  Spring is on its way.  I hear winter may try to make a comeback, but history has shown us that eventually spring arrives in full force and makes the winter a distant memory.  The build up to spring has been so long, the winter so intense, that I’m expecting the trees to be emitting symphony music as they begin to leaf out, buds shouting open in all their glory.

This is a time when I’m at my best.  This is the month of my birth, and it feels like all of the cosmic forces are with me and behind me, saying, “YES! Go for it!”  This is a freeing time, so alive that the ground itself seems to be buzzing–the potential for new ideas to take root and to grow with a big HALLELUJAH!  A flowing time, a blowing time–wanting a sweater if the wind suddenly appears, but then reveling in skin kissed by the breeze with the sun’s heat warms the day, and everything around me, trees, grass, birds, people–everything is saying, “YES!”

As the earth warms up and the natural world reawakens in its radiant beauty, I cannot contain my excitement–I want to be outdoors jumping and dancing and singing LA LA LA LA LA!  My heart feels light, my body is energized, what will happen next?  Something beautiful!