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All At Once


My mind is cluttered,
I see nothing that is there.
I am full of misery and regret
over the past I cannot change,
anxiety and urgency
about the future I cannot know.
And then something wakes me up,
snaps me out of it,
out of the dream of temporal reality.
It might be a breeze
or the bright sunlight
or a sound filtering in from outside
or my cat rubbing up against my leg,
but something wakes me up
and suddenly it all becomes clear.
This moment.
The shapes and lines my eyes perceive
are so crisp and clear
and there is a luminous quality to everything.
It is so simple and so beautiful all at once.
This is it, I realize,
this is my life.
I feel content.
There is nothing to be added or taken away,
I need nothing to feel fulfilled.
This is such a blessed place to be,
no big deal
and the entire universe
all at once.

True Fulfillment


Just when I thought I had no more energy left,
there it is, rising up in me to get something done.
How does this work? Is it motivation alone?
To take a full breath in, you must first exhale to emptiness.
To live a full life, you must die to empty expectations.
It’s simple really. What do you have to give?
Give all of yourself, and quickly.
Empty yourself of everything you have.
Life will come rushing in to fill you again.
Giving of yourself completely
and feeling the pull of contraction
only means you’re ready to receive
what life has been longing to give you.
Embracing the necessity of emptiness
as it blossoms into gracious receptivity.
This is true fulfillment.

Say Yes to Life


As my eyes open to see
this beautiful life
and my heart opens to feel
the waves of gratitude
washing through me
I stand in awe
of how incredibly simple
it is to be happy.
It’s so exciting to say
I have everything I need
to be happy
and to really mean it.
This is true wealth:
loving what you have
and needing nothing else.
This gratitude practice
will give you a lifetime of joy.
You don’t have to do anything.
Just breathe and be still,
look around you.
Isn’t life beautiful?
If you cannot say yes
to this question,
look again,
and keep looking
until you can say yes
with your whole heart.
Say yes to beauty,
awe, gratitude, simplicity.
Say yes to life.

Making a Difference


At the end of the day
feeling tired,
completely spent,
and happy about this.
I gave of myself today,
I gave the best of myself today,
and what better way
could I possibly live?
When it’s time for me
to leave this body
I shall like to look back
and see many days like this one,
knowing that as I gave my all
somehow my presence
made a difference in the lives of others.

Happy Student of Life


Flip-flops on my feet in February
Sun shines and warms my heart
Learning a new skill
Wholeness within myself
Excited about what I can
make, think and do.
Anticipating fun times ahead
Happy to be here, to be alive
Life as a constant experience
of creativity
Feeling fulfilled by the day to day stuff
Grateful for my health,
my family, my home,
my resources
Wonderful peace in breathing
Wondering what the future holds
Happy to have the option
of remaining present in body mind
Grateful for my teachers
A happy student of life.

Let’s Do Our Job


It occurred to me tonight
as I invoked the muses before writing,
that yes,
it is nice to have divine inspiration,
but it can’t do much if we don’t receive
what it is we are asking for.

Let’s get clear on what we want:


and then let us receive these things we ask for,
by breathing in deeply.

Then feeling the existence of these wondrous qualities within us,
let us share them with all beings
by giving of ourselves,
breathing out completely.

Yes, invoke divine beings–
angels, teachers, guides,
but then let’s do our job too.

Let’s Breathe.