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The Way Things Are


Give life a chance to surprise you.
Follow your own star,
see where it leads you.
Everything is not what you think it is.
Drop your awareness deeper,
beyond what you think you know,
into the realms of your heart
and your gut.
This deeper listening
will open you to a world
that was always there,
but wasn’t available to you
because of the fortress of thinking
you built around you
to give you ground
in a groundless, eternal
experience of being.
Let go of any notion
of control, of a fixed reality,
of how things should be.
You might just be amazed
with things
the way that they are…

An Opportunity


When life is falling apart
it can be terrifying
as you realize that nothing
you have built around you
is stable, permanent.
It is in this groundless place
where true, clear presence can emerge.
It is in this vast, overwhelming emptiness
that freedom from fixed mind
can blossom into a state of pure being.
If your life is falling apart,
take a deep breath and take heart–
this doesn’t have to be a tragedy,
it can be an opportunity.

Lose the Cocoon


Who would I be
without the story of me?
Would I cease to exist
if I no longer had the same list
of words to describe me?
If the rug were pulled out
and I were to come crashing down
what would my world look like then?
The fear of losing what is dear
is the worst kind of hell
So I’ll step out of my shell,
I’ll lose the cocoon
and not a moment too soon.