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The Home Within


I can make peace with myself,
really love myself,
and then I don’t have to be
an approval junkie any more.
It’s when I have rejected myself
that I look outside for some proof
that I’m okay. Will you tell me I’m okay?
And then really, what then?
You tell me I’m okay—
will I believe you?
Will I need you to keep telling me
over and over again?
And the minute you stop,
will I not be okay anymore?
In the end, freedom is
being at home with oneself.
We can invite visitors every now and again,
but they can’t give us true belonging.
The real sense of welcome
glows from the hearth of the home within.


I Love Her


Opening to what is possible,
dropping the story of fear,
healing the shame,
questioning the feelings of unworthiness,
really discovering who I am.
I realize that this person
is deeply worthy of love and respect.
She is kind, powerful, inspiring,
hardworking, generous;
she always does her best.
And I love her.

All There Is


Could it be
you simply cannot see
the whole picture?
Could it be
that you are getting caught
in mental stories?
Before you fly off the handle
try to find a safe place to land.
Very often
what we most fear
is what we most deeply need
to learn.
The mechanisms we use
to cover our true feelings
only serve to prolong the agony
of imagined loneliness.
Set down your burdens
for just one moment
and see how truly loved you are.
In that loving place
awaken to the connectedness
of all beings, you included.
Love is all there is.

You Are Home


Return home now.
When you are out
wandering the world
and you feel lost, alone,
scared, helpless,
simply return home.
But where is home?
Ah, now that is the real question.
Home is where you can find peace,
love, acceptance, nourishment,
rest, a sanctuary,
a warm welcome.
Is home a physical location?
What happens if your dwelling place
were suddenly washed away
or blown away, or blown up
or torn down or taken away?
Do you have no home?
Are you now homeless?
No! You will always have a home.
Sit. Close your eyes, get quiet, get still.
Sit taller. Take a deep breath.
Look inside, look deeper.
Home is where you can find peace,
love, acceptance, nourishment,
rest, a sanctuary,
a warm welcome.
Home is wherever you are.
Home is YOU.
You are HOME.

About Love


What should I write about?
Write about love.
What can I say about love
that hasn’t been said?
My dear, you are the only you
there ever will be, 
and your story matters.
Try. Try to write about love.
Okay, I’ll try,
but how can a tiny drop
describe the entire ocean?
Just trust yourself.
Take a deep breath, and write.
Write about love.
Hmm. Love is…indescribable?
Oh, go ahead and try anyway.
It isn’t love just because
someone is saying “I love you.”
Love is action. And truth.
It is clear vision and humor.
It is forgiveness and understanding.
It is forbearance and clear boundaries,
knowing when to allow
and when to say NO!
It is faith and follow through.
It is showing up and growing up,
giving in, standing up,
giving way, standing down.
It is a deep honoring
of the most basic need in all of us,
to be connected,
to be seen, heard and held.
It is the choice to see the beauty
in the middle of the ugliness
and to be rich
in the presence of poverty.
What else can I say?
I am a tiny drop
in the middle of the vast ocean.
You did fine.

Ready for the Light


Following my body’s wisdom,
letting my mind rest,
breathing deeply,
I spent some time
playing outside
with my two kids,
running, growling,
chasing them,
delighting in their squeals.
The air was cool and fresh
and the towering trees
shone golden
in the light of the setting sun.
And then on the way
back to the car,
something caught my eye.
I looked down, and looked again,
and there in the gravel
was an impossibly large,
pear shaped crystal
with nary a scratch!
I took it as a sign
that the universe
is watching over me
and now it is sitting on my altar,
ready for the light
of the rising sun.