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You’re Alive!


This day is a huge gift!
How many people who were alive yesterday
didn’t wake up today?
And yet here you are, reading these words—
isn’t it amazing you can look at these symbols
and your precious brain makes meaning of them
in a way that your heart can be touched
or your body may want to move?
At any moment you might breathe deeply
and settle into stillness,
or you may jump up
and run like crazy.
You can
Isn’t it amazing?
You’re alive!


Stay Open


Stay open.
If you’re not deliberately staying open,
you are probably shutting down.
Sure, you might feel safer
hiding your light from the world,
but did you come here to live
in the darkness of your comfort bubble?
Just beyond the edges of that bubble,
your amazing potential awaits,
potential only you can fulfill.
Start by being open to the possibility
that you could stay open
and move on from there.
Take deep breaths.
If you’re feeling uncomfortable
you’ve reached the edge of your comfort zone
and now real growth can take place.
Take a stand for your open mind,
your open heart, your boundless spirit.
Live from your deepest truth,
express the soul fire that burns within you,
and as the changes come,
stay open.

These Two Worlds


Afternoon, pouring rain,
blustery wind,
skies darkened
by immense thunderclouds,
and my body is tired
from a long morning hike
in the (almost) summer sunshine.
Memories dance through my mind–
forest shade and seas of ferns,
breezes so sweet
they were salvation
to my sun warmed skin.
How is it possible I can peer into
these two worlds at once:
the furious rain of reality
and the sweet heat of memory?
And sometimes reality is so sweet
and the memories pound in my mind
like an afternoon thunderstorm,
here in an instant,
gone in a flash.
Where am I, who am I
who knows these two worlds
yet belongs to neither?

The Eyes of Your Soul


For those who are feeling discouraged about their mindfulness practice…

You think this practice is all for naught?
You think you can’t see any results yet?
I tell you, every second matters,
nothing ever goes to waste,
it all counts.
Have faith, trust, believe.
Your binary mind cannot comprehend
the vastness of this Universe,
so why would you look at your practice
through the eyes of this mind?
Close your eyes
go within
be still.
There are no words for what you find
when the eyes of your soul open and see.

A Lot of Work to Do


Working at the level of mind
can get very heady.
Being acutely aware of all thoughts,
challenging their truth,
seeing how they make me feel,
deciding which ones to share–
so much work it gets exhausting.
I sometimes wonder if there will come a time
when it gets easier,
when life seems a bit smoother
because my mind itself has smoothed out.
It takes great courage
to accept full responsibility for one’s experience.
Of course the alternative
would be living at the mercy
of everyone else’s stories.
It also takes great courage
to listen intently
especially when someone’s story
differs from your own.
I’m working on that one.
I still feel defensive, outraged,
put upon, misunderstood,
and depressed sometimes.
Could there come a time
that I know my mind so well
that it can no longer make me suffer?
I have a lot of work to do.

Simple Delight


For one moment,
stop asking
and just observe.
The consciousness in you
can take in this moment,
can see all of it,
experience it fully,
without the labels
the mind invents
in its desperate attempt
to comprehend the incomprehensible.
And as soon as we start
our focus in narrowed
and we can no longer see
the big picture–
we see only the thing
we are labeling.
Let the one who questions
rest for one tiny moment
in the neutral space of being.
Turn your awareness back inside
to look at your awareness.
Begin to sense the infinite nature
of consciousness.
You will grow giddy
and be delighted
by the most simple
little things.

Closer to Freedom


Our rigid beliefs and expectations
form a prison around our minds,
a prison of our own making.
If we made it, we can knock it down.
But the door is open,
the key is in our hands.
It doesn’t have to be dramatic;
we don’t have to stage a demolition–
we can just stand up and leave.
And we don’t have to turn around
and analyze  it;
we can simply look forward
and with each step
move closer to our freedom.