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Just Begin


Just begin.
You don’t have to finish
everything all in one go.
Just get started.
Get the momentum going,
don’t look back.
That project that seemed impossible
now becomes a series
of manageable steps.
The first step?
Take a deep breath.
Be still, close your eyes, go in.
When you take the time
to find center
the smallest actions
can have the most profound impact
on the world around you.
You don’t have to have
it all figured out.
Just begin.


Do What Needs to Be Done


I’m waiting to feel motivated
and then I remember
that motivation comes
as I begin to do what needs to be done.
Feelings follow behavior.
If I were to wait
to feel like I wanted to exercise,
I might never step outside my house.
But if I put my shoes on
and walk out into the sunshine
(the wind, the rain, the hot, the cold),
then my body feels good
and my mind says,
Exercise! What a great idea.
Don’t wait to feel like you’re in the mood
to do what needs to be done.
Just begin.  Take one small step.
Put one dish away.
Put one shoe on.
(Then the other.)
Once you begin,
the good feelings come.
Now go and do what needs to be done.
You can do it!

What Gives Us Hope


Dare to dream big.
The alternative is settling
for a ho, hum existence
and that isn’t you!!
You are the only you
there ever was
and ever will be.
What will you do
with this one precious you?
What makes your heart soar?
What makes your hair stand up
and your soul blaze?
Don’t let your fears decide for you.
They will choose to keep you small,
hidden from view, hidden from YOU,
seeking comfort and familiarity.
Embrace failure as a teacher.
Celebrate your victories
and get back up when you fall.
Only you know what lights you up.
And light up you must,
because in all of the darkness of this world,
your light is what gives us hope.

Let Us Lead


If we weren’t challenged,
how would we ever know our own strength?
If we didn’t know fear,
how would we find our courage?
If we didn’t experience outrage
how could we tap into our sense of justice?
These times, these difficult times,
are unfolding exactly they way they should.
Let us not fight reality,
reality will always, always win.
Instead let us wake up.
Let us see the opportunities
raining down all around us,
quenching our thirst to know who we really are.
Now is not the time to recoil in horror;
now is the time to stand up and take action.
We are the leaders we have been searching for.
Let us elect ourselves to do the work we were meant to do.
Let us set the example of peace,
of good relations,
of environmental responsibility,
of love and forgiveness, compassion and understanding.
Yes, we are all leaders.
Now, my friends, let us lead.

A Few Things I’m Wanting


mountains, trees, streams,
rocks, moss, ferns,
health, deep breathing,
elemental balance,
appreciation for what I have,
movement, dance,
rock climbing,
delicious food,
the ability to direct my life force energy
in service of others to enrich their lives


This evening I was mulling over the idea of signing up for an online business school that one of my teacher colleagues recommended to me one week ago at our teacher training. It’s relatively expensive, and I would certainly need my husband’s agreement before I could make such an investment.

Thinking about this expense, I began asking questions like:

“Will I experience measurable results?”  
“Will I be able to map out a plan for a clear progression in all aspects of my inner and outer worlds?”
“Will I be able to generate greater income that will allow for an abundance of different experiences for myself and my family?”

These questions led me to ponder yet another important question:  “What is it that I really want right now?” The above poem offers some answers to that question, but it is by no means an exhaustive list.  It is just a few little words describing what was on my mind, just a few words revealing what I keep in my heart…

And now I want to know, really I do–What are YOU wanting right now? Do you often ask yourself that question? Have you noticed your desires changing as time passes?  Are there certain among them that remain constant? Tell me!

Post #222: Revisiting My Reasons for Writing Here


It’s hard to believe that I’m already in my eighth month of writing and publishing to this blog every single day! I find myself looking forward to my writing time and savoring it; writing has become such a habit that it feels like the most natural thing to do in the world. Actually, it was a habit long before this year, but my writing was put on the back burner for quite a long time after I had my kids, and it took me until this year to recommit to a practice that has been revealing, rewarding, transformative, and deeply meaningful for me.

In my first post, published on January 1 of this year, I stated my reasons for creating this blog. Tonight I felt called to go back and reread my post, because these days I keep catching myself feeling disappointed when my writing doesn’t receive as much attention as I was anticipating.  It was a relief to reread my mission statement from the beginning of the year:

No goal, except to watch myself write something every day.
Take the pressure off and write a few words. Just like that. And let them be what they are. I hope this practice will free my creative mind to play a bit more. I’m tired of trying to be good for everyone. I want to let myself be not so great, and perhaps by releasing the need to be great, I can allow myself to appreciate who I already am.

Yes. This blog will hopefully open me to appreciating myself and my life a bit more. A mirror of what is good and kind and true. I hope it will do what any compassionate mother or teacher would do–reveal the unquestionable goodness of the self that is trying to grow, and provide encouragement as baby steps are taken.
Ahh, so I was wanting to allow myself more freedom.  I was wanting to write just for me.  Not to impress anyone, not to prove to anyone what a competent writer I am, but simply to write for writing’s sake.
 Let me remember this original vision, and let me return to it whenever I place strange expectations on my posts.  There is certainly something to be said for the connection that can arise when someone takes the time to read and like my posts, but let me above all else remember that I am doing this writing to reclaim the creative self in me that has been dormant for so long.
I am certain that this process of creative recovery can be incredibly successful regardless of how my writing is received by the external world.  As long as I keep thinking, feeling, noticing and celebrating this life that is mine, as long as I keep turning to writing to shed some understanding on my experiences, I will have fulfilled my mission.
And now, a few words from my creative self:
Dear Lorien,
I give you permission to be a mediocre writer.  But whatever you do, keep writing! 

I don’t have to be good.
I don’t have to understand.
I don’t have to analyze, or judge, or anticipate.I don’t need others to think I’m good.
I don’t need others to understand.
I don’t need to hear how anyone else analyzes, judges or anticipates.
Just let me breathe in, and breathe out,
Let me be inspired from within.
I trust that there is something in me,
something good and honest and true in me
that wants to  express itself outwardly in this worldLet me open to this moment,
let me allow creativity to flow,
Let me tend to my little corner of the earth,
Let me plant seeds in my little garden
Let me celebrate what grows there,
weeds and all.