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These Two Worlds


Afternoon, pouring rain,
blustery wind,
skies darkened
by immense thunderclouds,
and my body is tired
from a long morning hike
in the (almost) summer sunshine.
Memories dance through my mind–
forest shade and seas of ferns,
breezes so sweet
they were salvation
to my sun warmed skin.
How is it possible I can peer into
these two worlds at once:
the furious rain of reality
and the sweet heat of memory?
And sometimes reality is so sweet
and the memories pound in my mind
like an afternoon thunderstorm,
here in an instant,
gone in a flash.
Where am I, who am I
who knows these two worlds
yet belongs to neither?

Nature Saves Me From Myself (Again)


I was caught in a story today,
a story about not being prepared enough,
organized enough, motivated enough,
not a good enough planner,
not thoughtful enough.
It was a story about being selfish,
wrapped up in my own interests…
not good enough.
And then the plant spirits called me outside.
The sun shone on me,
the breeze blew through me,
and I thrust my hands into the earth
again and again.
When I looked up,
there were beautiful plants
in all our pots and containers
and an hour had passed.
The anxiety was gone,
and so was the self-effacing self-talk.
Thank you Nature for saving me again.

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 5: Out There In Here


Inside I’m suffocating;
dishes to be done,
floors to be swept,
meals to be prepared,
children to be tended.
I long to be out there.
I rush outside onto the deck,
I draw in a deep breath,
squat down
and listen.
The woodpecker makes holes
in the trunk of the maple
just beginning to leaf out
after a long winter.
Individual cherry blossom petals
float on the wind
land on my  hand,
my face,
in my hair.
I go back inside
with my hand over my heart,
vowing to keep some of out there
right in here.


Today over at NaPoWriMo.net there is a link to an interview with the incomparable Mary Oliver, one of my most favorite poets and an all around truly good, honest, person. We were encouraged to take inspiration from Oliver’s poems and write something including some nature in the mix. Nature is my church and my savior, and although I can’t do it any justice in my poem, I can still have fun writing something.  So here goes.

It Begins


Fall arrives on a whisper of wind
Suddenly, it is dark again
earlier in the evening
and later in the morning
and I have that wistful feeling
reminding me I’ll be letting go
of light and warmth…again.
The in-turning begins.
In truth, though,
it began at the turn of the solstice,
but summer is too bright to notice
how the light recedes ever so subtly,
until, until it is gone from me
and all I have is the memory
of sunlight and bright days and bare feet.
I made a commitment
to reframe my vision–
to no longer call it adversity,
now it is opportunity.
Now is the time to reach deeper still
and remember what lies within.
To embrace the in-turning
and the treasures that await
while my watching eyes fixate
on the breezy summer skies.
This letting go is good for me.
This going inwards is an opportunity.
I won’t fight the fading of the light,
not this time…
I’m ready now.
Come on darkness.
Bring it on.

Summer Day


A day of surprises…
a wrong turn yielded
a chance encounter with new friends
who were dancing in the park
on this fine summer day…
a walk down to the river
hot sand and cool stones
laughing and splashing
a sunburn to show for it.
Our new friends offered
food and kindness;
we accepted.
More laughter and hugs good-bye.
As we drove back home
I mused about
what true wealth really is.

Moved by Mountains


We went to the mountains today.
I was moved.
My heart sang.
I felt grateful.
Such simplicity–
some delicate wildflowers,
a stream flowing over smooth rocks,
warm sunshine,
the scent of a nearby campfire
wisping along softly with the wind,
the aspen leaves responding
to the breeze’s caress,
hearing my children laughing and playing,
eating a simple meal,
laughing with loved ones.
Some talk about
faith so strong that it can move mountains;
I know nothing about this.
All I know is
the mountains move me,
and my heart sings.

Like a Dewdrop


Asana in the woods
hot summer day
reaching for strength
diving deep to find my breath
I remember how simple it all is.
Just this moment,
this body,
this breath.
This little puff of wind,
the chorus of bullfrogs,
clouds drifting by,
everything constantly changing.
I remember the impermanence,
how I am,
how existence is
like a dewdrop in a blade of grass.*

*Still loving the Tokmé Zongpo quote featured in my last post.