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I Love Her


Opening to what is possible,
dropping the story of fear,
healing the shame,
questioning the feelings of unworthiness,
really discovering who I am.
I realize that this person
is deeply worthy of love and respect.
She is kind, powerful, inspiring,
hardworking, generous;
she always does her best.
And I love her.


The Voice of Courage


As I faced the choice
of turning around
and going back the way I came
or forging ahead into the unknown,
I became aware first of
the fear of the unknown,
and a voice saying “Turn back!”
Then I went deeper into myself
to a place beyond the fear
and discovered that the pull
of a new experience, a new possibility
was more compelling than my attachment
to what is familiar.
Each time I choose possibility over fear,
I get a little stronger,
a little more amazed
by what can happen
when I listen to the voice of courage.

Stay Open


Stay open.
If you’re not deliberately staying open,
you are probably shutting down.
Sure, you might feel safer
hiding your light from the world,
but did you come here to live
in the darkness of your comfort bubble?
Just beyond the edges of that bubble,
your amazing potential awaits,
potential only you can fulfill.
Start by being open to the possibility
that you could stay open
and move on from there.
Take deep breaths.
If you’re feeling uncomfortable
you’ve reached the edge of your comfort zone
and now real growth can take place.
Take a stand for your open mind,
your open heart, your boundless spirit.
Live from your deepest truth,
express the soul fire that burns within you,
and as the changes come,
stay open.

As It Is Right Now


Reframing the story,
telling a new narrative.
It’s one where I can be grateful
for the big changes,
seeing them as openings
to new possibilities.
The only thing I have to lose
is my old stories,
and I have everything to gain–
this whole life in this one moment,
so delighted to pour blessings
into my body, heart and mind,
this wonderful blossoming
into new potentials,
the magic that hides,
waiting patiently
for me to let go of my judgment
of how things should be
so that  I can receive the majesty
of this moment as it is right now.

Every Moment a Choice


With so many possibilities
how can we choose
where to go
what to do
what to say
and to whom?
But choose we do,
whether consciously
or not–
every moment
we are making a choice.
If we were to zoom out
and look at this life
from a different perspective,
we’d see that we are on a tiny blue dot
in a small galaxy
somewhere in the
inconceivably vast expanse of space
in a universe about which
so little is known.
We can make a big deal of ourselves
or we can take ourselves lightly.
We can be blasé about what we have
or we can see how precious this life is.
It is always a choice.
Friends, take a deep breath
and choose wisely.

Into My Full Potential


When I shift my story
from victim to
empowered being
I step into my own potential.
And the story about being a victim
is mostly unconscious.
I want to be happy and at peace
like everyone else.
Knowing that my thoughts
create reality
of course I would always choose
positive thoughts
in alignment with what I want
to experience in this life–
I could be conscious all of the time.
But sometimes my thoughts think me…
and they keep thinking me
until they don’t,
and this is what
changing my narrative is all about.
It requires radical self-acceptance
and profound honesty,
therefore tremendous courage as well.
At first this seems daunting,
but that is only the scared one talking,
afraid to lose familiarity,
that same old story
that has become deeply ingrained.
I am grateful to all of the teachers
who have forged this clear path
that I might see it
and step into the realm of possibility,
into my full potential.