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Stay Open


Stay open.
If you’re not deliberately staying open,
you are probably shutting down.
Sure, you might feel safer
hiding your light from the world,
but did you come here to live
in the darkness of your comfort bubble?
Just beyond the edges of that bubble,
your amazing potential awaits,
potential only you can fulfill.
Start by being open to the possibility
that you could stay open
and move on from there.
Take deep breaths.
If you’re feeling uncomfortable
you’ve reached the edge of your comfort zone
and now real growth can take place.
Take a stand for your open mind,
your open heart, your boundless spirit.
Live from your deepest truth,
express the soul fire that burns within you,
and as the changes come,
stay open.

As It Is Right Now


Reframing the story,
telling a new narrative.
It’s one where I can be grateful
for the big changes,
seeing them as openings
to new possibilities.
The only thing I have to lose
is my old stories,
and I have everything to gain–
this whole life in this one moment,
so delighted to pour blessings
into my body, heart and mind,
this wonderful blossoming
into new potentials,
the magic that hides,
waiting patiently
for me to let go of my judgment
of how things should be
so that  I can receive the majesty
of this moment as it is right now.

What Will You Make?


The Source is endless.
What you draw from it
is up to you.
It is different for everyone
for everyone is different
here in the physical realm.
But the Source is energy,
pure and simple,
and we are of it
and we are it.
If we are Source
then we stand in a position
of limitless creator
wherever we are,
whatever we are doing.
The ways we express
that which we are
depends on where
we place our focus.
If you could have, be,
make, do, experience
anything at all,
what would it be?
Sit a while.
Close your eyes,
go inwards, be still.
Let yourself find center,
always there.
Feel the energy of life
pulsing through you,
every cell alive
with intelligence and purpose.
You too are a cell
of the Universal Body.
You too are alive
with intelligence and purpose.
Now, what will you make of this?



I take a deep breath.
I remember I am free.
I pause, and see
that nothing can hold me back
but my negative, self-limiting beliefs.
Then I remember
I am not my thinking,
I am an opportunity for life to know itself,
for connections to be made
for joy to be shared
for realizations to be had.
I am the potential for self-discovery
and the beauty that arises
from deep, authentic, unguarded loving.
When I remember the truth of myself,
for myself, within myself,
the beauty of this existence
enfolds me in Universal knowing,
and I can feel the most marvelous
potentials within me
growing, growing, growing.

Into My Full Potential


When I shift my story
from victim to
empowered being
I step into my own potential.
And the story about being a victim
is mostly unconscious.
I want to be happy and at peace
like everyone else.
Knowing that my thoughts
create reality
of course I would always choose
positive thoughts
in alignment with what I want
to experience in this life–
I could be conscious all of the time.
But sometimes my thoughts think me…
and they keep thinking me
until they don’t,
and this is what
changing my narrative is all about.
It requires radical self-acceptance
and profound honesty,
therefore tremendous courage as well.
At first this seems daunting,
but that is only the scared one talking,
afraid to lose familiarity,
that same old story
that has become deeply ingrained.
I am grateful to all of the teachers
who have forged this clear path
that I might see it
and step into the realm of possibility,
into my full potential.

I Believe


I believe in the spark of divinity
that exists in all of us.
I believe in our spark’s potential
to ignite our creative fires,
burning away our fears,
freeing us to bring
our passion, beauty, and light to this world,
forging a stronger, more empowered self
in the flames of our deepest desires.
My mission is to fully awaken,
to make all moments of this one life
meaningful opportunities
to grow and evolve
in awareness of the one self
that pervades all of existence.
But I am human, and sometimes I fail.
So I am grateful to my teachers and guides,
my friends and family,
who lift me up and brush me off
and help me to get on with things
whenever I get stuck.
Shanti shanti shanti.

Growing Pains


I stand on the precipice of something new.

Behind me is the familiar,
and there are so many reasons to stay there,
to not take the risk of falling, of dying.

But to go back wouldn’t feel right.
I am not that person any more.
I am bigger than my fear of embarrassment
or failure or ridicule or misunderstanding,
and I have something to give to this world.

So I take another step forward,
and scared as hell,
I unfurl my wings.

Are they strong enough?
Will they hold me?
Will the wind bear me aloft?
Will I spin out of control?
Will I crash and burn?

Who knows,
but this not knowing is okay.
I cannot go back.
I am not that person anymore.

I am bigger than my fear.
And I have something to give to this world.


I am preparing a workshop–my very first–as a requirement of my 500 hour advanced yoga teacher certification.  Only two weeks until the workshop, and I am plagued by doubt, fear, insecurity.  I have taught yoga thousands of times, but for some reason a workshop feels so scary, the responsibility feels so heavy.  And yet I am deeply moved by the potential for my offering to benefit those who attend, and as the attendees transform even on the most minute levels, they in turn will aid in the transformation of many others. So in addition to feeling scared out of my mind, I am also feeling excited, humbled, and energized.