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Your Choice


Your thoughts give rise to your perception
which shapes your actions
which build your reality
which determines your experience of Life.
Look inside your mind.
What picture do your thoughts paint there?
If you do not like this picture,
paint a new one.
What you see in your mind
is ultimately your choice,
the only choice you can make really…
and it is your most basic power.
How will you wield it?

NaPoWriMo 2017 Day 20: Utterly Creative


I chose for today
to be a creative day
and then I realized
we are creating every day
whether we like it or not.
If we are caught
in monotonous routines
it might appear
that we’re not creating
and that we are not creative
but the truth is,
we are creating every single day–
creating with our thoughts
our words
and our actions,
creating with our likes and dislikes,
with the things we keep
and the things we throw away.
We are creating
within our relationships,
creating with the stories we tell
and the judgments we believe.
We create with our vision,
our perceptions,
our hopes and fears
and in our choices
of what we hold dear.
So the question is no longer
whether or not we are creative,
the question is
What do we want to create,
and how, and where, and why
and when and with whom?
The question is,
Will we create consciously?
The question is,
What will we do 
with this one precious life
when we realize
how truly, utterly,
unquestionably creative
we actually are?

I deviated from the NaPoWriMo prompt today. I was feeling tired (again) from a long, full day, and just didn’t feel like thinking of a sport or a game with which I am adequately familiar and that has a rich enough vocabulary associated with it to create a poem…

Cutting Words, Healing Words


Spoken words cannot be taken back.

Some words heal

and some cut deeper

than a knife.

When cutting words

are spoken to you,

offer healing words in return.

If your healing words

are not accepted,

let the silence stand

between you.

Sometimes space

and time

are the only medicine

that can dull

the pain of cutting words

spoken to you

and cutting words

spoken by you–

both kinds hurt.

Be discerning

with your words.


At the end of your life

as you look back on your story

would you rather see

That you spoke

more cutting words

or healing ones?

There is great power in your mouth.

Wield it wisely.

Your Power


Ah this life,
this beautiful life,
where everything is new and fresh
in reality…
This life where,
if we can find one moment
of spaciousness in body
and clarity of mind,
we can experience heaven.
All we ever have is here and now;
everything else is just a story.
What happens when you believe
your stories?
If you notice that they frighten you,
bring stress to your body,
shut down your mind,
then investigate them.
A mind at peace with itself
has no choice but to project peace
upon the world.
Tell me,
are you ready to know your own power?

More Powerful Than You Could Know


It’s easy to fall into the trap
of thinking
What can I do to help the world?
I’m just one person.
But if it isn’t you and me,
every single one of us
working individually
to co-create a world and a life
in alignment with our deepest values,
then who will do it for us?
when you practice,
let yourself be inspired.
Even the tiniest bit of effort
may have far reaching effects,
may help beings seen and known
and those that we cannot yet perceive.
And if you don’t have a daily practice,
that’s fine, don’t worry.
Maybe just for today,
you can take a moment to sit and breathe
and wish for all beings to know happiness
and the root of happiness.
The smallest effort on your part
circles out, creates coherence,
adds its energy
to the energy of those wanting to awaken.
Your tiniest awakening
contributes to the world’s awakening.
You are more powerful
and more important than you could know.

The Greatest Triumph


On the busy highway today,
so many cars swerving here and there
in an intricate, dangerous dance,
everyone in a hurry,
scurrying about,
and I had this thought:

We are all kings and queens
sitting on gorgeous golden thrones
with all of the power of the universe
right at our fingertips
But in our mind’s projection
we forget our majesty.

Although we have all the wealth
of the universe right there in our reach,
we believe our terrible visions
of poverty and lack.

Perceiving ourselves to be
living in misery,
we are blind to the truth of ourselves,
kings and queens that we are.

This forgetting is the greatest tragedy.

And remembering our divinity is the greatest triumph.