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Your Awakened Consciousness


Catch yourself right in the middle of the thought
that there is something wrong with this moment.
Catch yourself, because the thought is so quick
it might slip through unnoticed.
Your job is to notice everything.
Sit still, close your eyes, go within, be quiet.
When you calm your senses even a little
you’ll hear the voice that is always spinning
the tall tales inside your head.
Notice the spinner and the tales,
and realize that you are neither—
You are the great witnessing presence
that notices as it all unfolds.
When you can step behind the thoughts
and watch the interweaving of your awareness
with the physical reality around you,
you’ll stand in awe of the whole thing.
Thoughts about anything being wrong with this moment
dissipate in the intensely beautiful light
of your awakened consciousness.

All At Once


My mind is cluttered,
I see nothing that is there.
I am full of misery and regret
over the past I cannot change,
anxiety and urgency
about the future I cannot know.
And then something wakes me up,
snaps me out of it,
out of the dream of temporal reality.
It might be a breeze
or the bright sunlight
or a sound filtering in from outside
or my cat rubbing up against my leg,
but something wakes me up
and suddenly it all becomes clear.
This moment.
The shapes and lines my eyes perceive
are so crisp and clear
and there is a luminous quality to everything.
It is so simple and so beautiful all at once.
This is it, I realize,
this is my life.
I feel content.
There is nothing to be added or taken away,
I need nothing to feel fulfilled.
This is such a blessed place to be,
no big deal
and the entire universe
all at once.

NaPoWriMo 2017: Sanctuary Meditation


welcoming protecting
wherever you are
outside, inside, without, within,

awakening potential
consciously placing attention
wandering mind repeatedly returns

After experiencing multiple interruptions in my sleep last night I woke up feeling tired and directionless.  I decided to write my poem instead of complaining about my exhaustion and I’m glad I did; I remembered what is important to me, what is available to me, and what I’m capable of. Here is the NaPoWriMo prompt for today.

No Time, Just Present


The year winds down
but the days, little by little,
stretch longer and longer.
Spring is coming.
This is the promise
a few more minutes of daylight make
every single day.
But what if we weren’t so fixated on time?
What then?
What if we had no concept of year, season,
month, week, day, hours, minutes, seconds?
What would happen?
If we could drop the need to analyze,
understand, judge and plan,
we might have enough room to observe
the wonders as they unfold all around us.
This moment it is dark outside.
My body is tired.
It must be time to sleep.
Ah now this moment
I am awakening.
I see light.
My body is hungry.
It must be time to get up.
How simple this life could be
without the clutter of labels,
units, measures, definitions…
Think of an eagle soaring
or an oak growing from an acorn.
No time, always this moment.
If a course could be offered
on this kind of living,
I’d be the first to sign up!

A Time for Celebration


I gave so much today.
Why am I thinking about
what I didn’t give,
what I could’ve given?
Why, oh my mind,
do you want to remember
what you think wasn’t right,
how you think I failed,
how I have fallen short?
Ultimately, the spirit of celebration
is embodied in gentle little pauses
where we drop the thinking,
look around,
and see what is.
In this clear space of no mind,
reality opens up
and we see, feel, hear, touch, taste
so much more
than we normally would.
Joy is the natural result
of such open, clear awareness.
If I could find a way
to cultivate more presence
THAT would be a reason for celebration.
And, I suppose I can pause now
and celebrate the awareness I already have.
Instead of strengthening the habit
of believing that I have so far to go,
maybe I could for once
celebrate this place,
this arrival here.
This now–
the only place,
the only time
for celebration.