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True Grace


Adjusting to a new reality
and wanting to be graceful about it…
but watching myself
go kicking and screaming instead.
And then grateful
I can be this honest with myself.
Noticing I’m judging
when I want to be accepting,
I’m scared when I want to be brave
I’m avoiding when I want to be proactive.
And it hits me…
I don’t have to be good at this.
I can be the way I am
and show up for myself
with love and compassion.
A space opens up
where the resistance once lived.
Now true grace can be revealed.


Already Okay


Trusting in the great unfolding
I take a deep breath
All is well.
All is well.
All is well.
Everything will be okay.
I keep repeating this enough,
I might actually believe it is true.
I take the practice deeper.
I look inside at the thoughts
that want me to believe
that I need something other
than this moment
to be happy, to be whole,
to be fully realized.
And then it dawns on me–
All is well.
Everything is already okay.

Inner Awakening


I’ve been meditating on creativity,
what it is,
and how to express my creativity
more often
in order to live an inspired life.
My mind opens to the possibility
that I don’t need to be a famous artist
in order to create art…
I don’t even need another soul
to see my creations
and recognize them as art
in order for me to enjoy them.
It’s the moment of creation–
not necessarily the end result–
that brings the opening
and still more opening
to the possibilities that lie
within and ahead of me.
Living in that freshness
life becomes an exciting adventure
once more.
I thought I needed to travel the world
for my life to be interesting…
It turns out that my inner landscape
is just as fascinating as the one I survey
in the outer world,
The discoveries I make within myself
are even more astounding
than anything I could chance upon
out there,
The treasure I find on this inner exploration
is worth more than any precious gem
found on earth.

Applying Myself to My Work


Late, everyone else was asleep
and all was quiet in the house,
save for the whir of my sewing machine
as I seamed up the start of another project,
an apron made with
Thanksgiving themed fabric.
Each time I pinned and stitched and pressed,
each time I smoothed and clipped and examined,
the fabric cheerfully reminded me
to be grateful,
love friends and family,
have a thankful heart.
And it struck me all of a sudden,
out of the blue,
as if awakening from a dream,
I’m doing what I love to do,
I’m doing what I want to do,
right now.
And I realized that for so long
I have fixated on longing to do
what I have wanted to do,
and I have trapped myself in the story
of not enough time,
not enough energy,
not enough support,
not enough space.
Such stories blind me
to what good there is in my life…
But I didn’t tell that story tonight.
Tonight the simple act
of applying myself to
my work
awakened me to
this miraculous moment
and the pure joy
of being present.
what would happen
if we all experienced our work
in this way?

Observing the Perfection


After going and and going
and trying and trying
and wanting and wishing
and regretting and fixing
and pushing and pulling
negotiating and resisting
and persevering and persisting
achieving and believing
failing and wailing
delaying and replaying…
I’ve come to realize
that all I’ve been seeking
and all I’ve been wanting
is what I already have,
is who I already am.
And so I settle into
a quieter version of myself…
one who sits, listens,
waits and watches,
observing the perfection
of this unfolding,
ever evolving universe.

The Simple Truth


Isn’t it a relief to know
that you don’t have to be good?
Isn’t it freeing to realize
that there is nothing about you
that you need to change, fix, or improve?
Right now, in this moment,
where is the problem?
If you look, you won’t find it…
problems exist on the level of mind.
Meet them where they exist,
question the thoughts that generate stress.
Don’t wait for the world
to give you your freedom–
free yourself.
Reclaim the energy you were sending
to the past and to the future–
those are just stories
clouding the experience of this moment.
All we ever have is right now.
Isn’t it a such a sweet privilege
to awaken to the simple truth
of your being here, now?