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I Should Have Chosen Silence


You’d think after all this time
I’d have the sanity
to decline
important conversations
after he’s had too much wine.
But my ego was bruised
and I guess my mind confused
which course of action
would lead to resolution
and which to more confusion.
When my fear speaks louder
than the quiet wisdom within
it’s time to shut my mouth
and retreat far away
from the din of those
who know not
that silence is an option.


Watch What Happens


What would happen
if you could really trust
the unfolding of your life?
What if you could trust
the wisdom that is
already there within you?
Please understand,
this isn’t about
sitting back and doing nothing
and calling this trust…
But it is about tuning in
to the guidance deep within you
and letting that inner knowing
show you the way.
This deep knowing
has an understanding
that extends far beyond
the linear mindset
of our day to day minds.
This knowing can guide you
in your thoughts, words and actions
to meet the perfect unfolding
of this moment
as you show up
with your highest potential.
Spend a little time
in silence each day;
get to know the source
of your deep knowing.
Then watch what happens
as you listen to that wise voice;
watch what happens
as you trust
in the perfect unfolding
of this one precious life
that is yours.

Spacious, Silent Being


I sit down to write
and I think
I don’t have anything to say.
And this strikes me
as a good thing.
When noise assails us
every day,
every moment of our lives—
silence becomes a rare
and precious gift.
Offering such silence
to oneself—
even rarer.
So, as I look inwards,
if I notice only silence,
I’ll accept this gift,
and sit in this quiet place,
grateful to receive
this moment of
spacious, silent being.

Beyond Description


Not knowing what to say,
I watch how unfamiliar the silence has become,
the discomfort that arises
when staring into the void of space.
Whenever I have a minute
I’m playing solitaire on my phone,
as if every bit of time must be taken up
with something.
Enough is enough.
When I see that the silence has grown uncomfortable,
it means I’ve fallen out of relationship with myself.
I put down my phone and just sit.
I take a deep breath.
The love in me was always there,
it just became obscured by cluttered thinking.
May I befriend the silence
and come home to the inner spaciousness.
By embracing my wordlessness,
I tune into a deeper me,
the self beyond words, beyond description.

Sanity and Connection


We went to an amusement park today.
What feels like play to many
seems to suck the soul out of me at times.
I tried to breathe as we waited in lines,
applying the tonglen meditation technique…
breathing in the impatience
for myself and all beings,
breathing out relaxed presence.
Sometimes I was successful,
I’m pretty sure at others I wore a faint scowl
unconsciously…as I dreamed of silence.
It’s a head game being around so many;
The noise and the commotion
remind me of how much I love quiet,
how important solitude is to my wellbeing.
Looking back on the day I see
another opportunity for balance,
dancing that fine line between being with self
and being with others,
giving enough time to each
to keep sanity and connection both within reach.

Extraordinary Perception


I keep getting to this place
as I sit down to write
where I think
But I have nothing to say,
nothing interesting anyway.
What I have to say will be boring.
Why should I bother writing about my normal life?
And then I remember
Life is at once ordinary and extraordinary.
Sometimes the most ordinary of things
provide extraordinary pleasure,
and sometimes it’s our pursuit
of the extraordinary
that deprives us of appreciating
the beautiful ordinariness of our lives.
What determines how we see
are the expectations we bring to this moment.
Therefore, let me cultivate extraordinary perception
and see with new eyes.
Let me see the profound virtue in silence,
in simplicity.
I won’t ever again worry
about having nothing to say,
because I’ll know in my heart
that the most important things
need not be said.