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I’m Ready!


I’ll keep making the aspiration
that my thoughts, words and actions
be of benefit to all beings
and then I’ll watch where this path takes me.
With trust I’ll move forward,
eyes and heart wide open,
ready to live in the mystery.
I’m here, Life,
and I’m ready!


Spiritual Practice & Spiritual Perfection


Essential oils diffusing…
lavender, mandarin,
Roman chamomile,
sweet marjoram,
and frankincense,
and I am ready for sleep.
I’m musing at the idea of
spiritual maturity,
what this actually means.
It occurs to me
that letting go of control
and opening to the moment
is one indicator of someone
who is walking steadily
on the path.
Returning kindness for insult
is another,
and remaining positive
in the face of hunger,
fatigue, frustration
and annoyance–
yet another.
I’m musing at how
I can so clearly and easily
envision these qualities
of a spiritually mature person,
and how very difficult it is
to consistently embody them
and live them in everyday life.
It’s a good thing
that it’s called spiritual practice.
If spiritual perfection were called for,
the caller would get a very sore throat.

Priorities Change


Priorities change.
It is no longer about being noticed in life,
but about noticing as much about life as possible.
Amassing wealth can only do so much,
but there is no limit to what can be done
by one with great will.
Instead of wielding power over someone,
we can cultivate the power to do what
will heal, what will help,
what will make a positive difference
in the lives of those around us.
Being right is not the goal anymore.
Now it is about connection,
What are your priorities?
If they are centered around
gathering more things
into your sphere of existence,
consider what you can take with you
when you leave,
and consider what you will leave behind.

Don’t Search the Mountaintop


The more you awaken to reality
the more you see that escaping
the suffering of the world
isn’t the solution or the goal.
Your spiritual path
ceases to be a chance
for you to shine brightly
in your beatific spiritual radiance
sitting alone on your mountaintop
so peaceful, so enlightened–
and it becomes you
rolling up your sleeves,
seeing what work needs to be done,
and doing it–
not for the fame or recognition
but because you earnestly
wish for your life energy
to be of benefit to all beings.
Don’t search on the mountaintop
for the most enlightened one–
look in the mirror
and then do the work
of bringing more light to this world.

Digging the Well


When digging a well,
you want to choose a place carefully–
just the right spot–
and then dig like hell.
Don’t stop digging when you hit some rock…
If you stop every time it becomes difficult,
you’ll never strike the source
of life-giving water
for which you have been longing.
You’ll end up digging little holes everywhere
and getting nowhere.
Dig through the rock.
The rock is a sign you are getting somewhere.
So keep digging.
Keep digging.
Faithfully digging.
Someday the water will spring forth
and gush and fill the whole place
with clear pure thirst-quenching goodness.
So it is with your spiritual awakening.
Choose a path that rings true in your heart,
commit, show up,
keep at it.
You will dig down deep.
You will dig through the darkness.
The light will shine forth
and quench the thirst no water could touch.

Your Shining, Precious Heart


When we do the work of awakening
let us not expect thanks…
that’s not why we do the work.
When we walk the path of self-realization,
let us not wait for thundering applause…
we’re not doing this for fame or recognition.
The work we do is its own reward.
Every moment passing,
a little more awake,
every mindful breath
the light of wisdom
shines a little more brightly
from the deepest self within.
Me you
he she
it them us
These fall away
in this expansive awareness.
Keep doing the work
and your being expands
to include all beings.
You are awakening your Self
on the most subtle levels,
realizing that this self
holds the entire universe
in the tiniest chamber
of your shining, precious heart.

You Can Love the Whole World


On the path of the spiritual warrior
the fundamental practice is lovingkindness,
and as always
when we embark on journeys
such as this,
we begin with ourselves.

As we are able to look upon
our selves with clarity
and generate compassion
for all of the places
that are weak, asleep,
closed, stubborn,
and needy,
we cultivate within ourselves
the capacity to meet all beings
with the same clarity,
the same compassion.

And the greatest gift you can give
is your honest lovingkindness
flowing from a heart
that has known suffering
and the antidote to suffering.

This moment matters.

If there is even one tiny place
that you don’t love
in yourself,
attend to it now…
lack of love for yourself,
however small,
is  a lack of love for the whole world.

But love yourself truly,
and now you can
love the whole world.